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When a Vinyl Fence Installation Is Preferable in Rockland County and Westchester County, NY Areas

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A fence is built for many different reasons, but most fence designs primarily aim to blend security and beauty. Some of the most common fences for residential applications are made from wood, aluminum, and vinyl, with vinyl competing with wood as a top choice for privacy and ornamental fencing. As you decide how to update your property with a new fence, consider that vinyl fencing has many advantages. Here’s how to know when a vinyl fence installation is preferable in Rockland County and Westchester County, NY.

Vinyl Fence Installation Is Preferable in Rockland County and Westchester County, NY Areas

Vinyl Is Long-Lasting

Today’s top-quality vinyl fences are often guaranteed for life. Vinyl fences are impervious to weather and pests, which are known to deteriorate the wood and can lead to rust that shortens the lifespan of wrought iron fences. Older vinyl fences have had a bad reputation because of problems with yellowing and warping, but thanks to emerging technologies and manufacturing processes, that’s no longer an issue. An ActiveYards vinyl fence installed by Jan Fence will retain its color, shape, and structural integrity for many years.

Vinyl Is Adaptable

Since vinyl fencing is manufactured according to different design aesthetics in mind, you can be sure that whatever image you had of your fence can likely be achieved with vinyl. From mimicking the simple post-and-rail fences of the American ranch to a charming picket fence surrounding a pollinator garden to a sturdy pool safety fence or a sleek privacy fence worthy of a mansion, you only need to tell your fencing company what you’re looking for: Chances are good that vinyl can be the best choice.

Vinyl Is Easy to Install

Due to its relatively lightweight nature—along with the snap-together panels of ActiveYards fences—vinyl fences can lead to reduced installation costs, a factor that makes vinyl even more attractive for larger projects.

Vinyl Is Strong

Vinyl has proven to be stronger than wood. This means that vinyl fencing can handle more pounds per square inch than wood fencing, which is great news if you have a backyard horse or if you are using vinyl fencing primarily for privacy and security. And if a section of the fence should be damaged by falling trees or other mishaps, just one section can be replaced.

Vinyl Is a Budget-Friendly Choice—For Many Reasons

While the initial cost can be comparable to other materials, over the long run, vinyl can become a budget-friendly option. One of the main attractions of vinyl is that it requires virtually no maintenance (other than occasional cleaning). It also doesn’t warp and the boards won’t come loose, which, over the lifespan of the fence, can save significant money on sealant, stain or paint, and repairs (and of course either your time or hired time to maintain the fence). Over the long term, because it lasts much longer than wood, you will be able to enjoy a much greater return on your vinyl fence investment.

Vinyl Is Attractive

Vinyl fencing doesn’t take any hits when it comes to creating a stylish fence that also protects your property. Vinyl can be specifically molded and manufactured to have the exact same appearance as wood. From afar, these fence materials can be indistinguishable. But beware: People might get a little suspicious if your fence still looks the same after 20 years when wood fences are showing their age.

With so many applications where vinyl is a top choice—privacy, pool safety, security, decoration, and pet containment—you’ll be hard-pressed to find a material that is as convenient and long-lasting.


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