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When Is the Right Time for Wood Fence Installation in the Saddle River and Mountain Lakes, NJ, Area?

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Have you been contemplating a wood fence installation in the Saddle River and Mountain Lakes, NJ, areas? If you’re thinking of adding a fence to your property for practical and/or decorative uses, you may be wondering about the timing. Here’s what you need to know.

Typically Avoid Frozen-Ground Season

One of the seasonal considerations to take into account when scheduling your wood fence project is frozen ground. While it is possible to dig fence post holes in frozen ground using an auger, it is usually avoided since concrete may not cure properly in extremely cold temperatures.

Therefore, this consideration alone tends to eliminate mid-winter installation, although late winter installation—when the ground is beginning to soften and days are longer and warmer—could be a possibility.

Availability of Fence Installation Pros

Another challenge is the availability of fence installation professionals. Spring can create a frenzy of activity as homeowners excitedly get started on their annual projects, and fence companies’ calendars fill up very quickly. Deciding in mid-April that you want a fence installed could lead to a very long wait, especially if you are enclosing a relatively large area (as opposed to a small decorative fence consisting of just a few sections) or if your project presents site challenges that extend the project time.

This means getting in touch with your fence company during the winter so that they can add you to the schedule. There may be other contracts that need to be fulfilled ahead of you, but a reputable, reliable fencing company will keep you informed of your place in line and the likely timeline for having your fence installed.

Sourcing of Materials

Timing also depends on the availability of fence materials, for the same reason: So many people are in full swing on their landscaping projects, and even fencing companies may face materials shortages. First come, first served is a good rule to live by unless you are willing to wait until the supply chain catches up to demand.

Materials shortages have been common recently, as homeowners who were stuck at home saw room for improvement in their backyards and have pursued major landscaping projects. In fact, there does not appear to be much of a slowdown in home and landscape improvement projects.

Peak Wood Fence Installation Season

Wood fences will last a very long time if the wood is allowed to season in place. Sealants (preferably with UV inhibitors) may be necessary to help the wood season properly. The other factor is simply less sunlight and cooler weather.

Under this guidance, it is sometimes believed that the fall and early winter are ideal times to install a wood fence. The ground is not yet frozen, and the wood will have the time it needs to season properly: In fact, the moisture that’s typical of fall can help season the wood.

For insights on timing, there’s no reason to hesitate. The first step toward achieving a wood fence that can add character and a clear, decorative dividing line on your property is to reach out and inquire about your options and the availability of your wood fence installation experts.


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