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How a Fence Contractor Keeps Safety in Mind in Ramsey and Saddle River, NJ, Areas

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Installing a new fence on your property can be a fun and exciting experience, whether the fence is for security, to contain pets, to add privacy, or simply to beautify your property. However, any installation process can come with safety challenges while the work is being performed. Homeowners understandably want reassurance that a fencing company is going to keep everyone safe while the fence is being installed. Reputable fence contractors want a safe workplace too, so here is how a fence contractor keeps safety in mind in the Ramsey and Saddle River, NJ, areas.

Well-trained Employees

A construction site is only as safe as the people in it, so be sure to work with true professionals when you look for a fencing and railing company. Reputable fence contractors have well-trained employees who will work to keep you and your property safe during the fence building process. Look for a fence contractor that values having a crew that is well-trained not only on the task at hand but on safety and customer relations.

In some cases, installing a fence may involve the removal of trees, rocks, or other obstacles. This may involve heavy machinery, which of course requires specialized expertise as well as heightened safety measures. If your fence project is more complex, it’s essential to work with a well-trained professional crew that is committed to safety, and clearly defines the work area with cautionary signage and markers.

Before any fence installation begins, your fence contractor may need to contact utility companies to determine and clearly mark the exact location of any buried telephone, electrical, plumbing, or gas lines.

If you can, you may be able to see a company’s fence installation projects in progress in the Ramsey or Saddle River, NJ, area. This way you can see for yourself how the crews conduct themselves with regard to safety (and of course professionalism) and the state of the construction site. Does it appear organized? Are any freshly dug post holes clearly marked and/or covered, if the post won’t be installed immediately?

Cautionary Signage and Clear Safety Markers

A reputable fence contractor will ensure safety for everyone. This process begins with placing visible signage and markers in clearly visible locations to alert people to the presence of freshly dug holes, uneven ground, debris, materials, equipment, tools, partially buried rocks, tree stumps, and other hazards.

While it may not be necessary to mark a simple front-entry picket fence installation, any big fence project, especially one that involves maneuvering on a steep or rocky landscape, should be carefully marked.

Temporary safety fencing, cones, caution tape, easily visible signage, flags, and other visual aids will make it clear where work is being performed, to avoid accidents and damage to property during the construction process.

Work Only With Insured Contractors

Accidents can happen, even if all the precautions are taken. Therefore, working only with contractors who hold current proof of liability and worker’s insurance could be your first step as a homeowner in ensuring that should the unthinkable happen, there will be coverage for those involved. A reputable fence contractor will be happy to supply proof of insurance on request.


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