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How a Fence Company Near Me Can Boost My Curb Appeal This Spring in Mendham and Essex Fells, NJ

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Fences offer privacy, security, protection of the home and family, and keep kids and pets safe. Indeed, their practical purposes are important, but fences can also be strikingly beautiful additions to a home and landscape. Fences can complement various design or architectural styles. Choosing a fence style is an opportunity to dictate the outward expression of your home. As you research your options, here’s how “a fence company near me” can boost curb appeal this spring in Mendham and Essex Falls, NJ.

How a Fence Company Near Me Can Boost My Curb Appeal This Spring in Mendham and Essex Fells, NJ

Prioritize Appearance for the Front Yard

The idea of protection is one that every homeowner wants to feel, regardless of the type of fence they want. Certain fences get the message across but are not always the best choice for the most prominent locations in a landscape. Fences made from the classic chain link style, for instance, are strictly utilitarian, and most would agree that their main purpose is to provide protection. Their curb appeal is typically considered low, so a chain link fence in the front yard against the property line may not be the right decision for a new fence. In some cases, it’s best to shy away from this style and opt for something more elegant that also offers security. Today, there are many choices that offer both security and good looks.

Aluminum fences

Aluminum fences may be made from a material that wasn’t used before the 20th century, but these fences evoke the wrought-iron fences from a different time. The switch to aluminum in modern fences is a deliberate choice that comes back to durability. Iron rusts as it’s exposed to the elements year after year while aluminum lasts far longer without rusting or corroding. It’s also a far lighter and less expensive material not because it’s low quality, but because aluminum is an abundant resource.

Aluminum can create a very strong physical barrier while boosting your home’s curb appeal. Aluminum is molded into many different patterns and shapes, and then fences are assembled in various designs that will make your home more elegant and add to your property’s curb appeal.

Old-Style Wood Fences

Classic fence styles are often made from wood, which is a fantastic and long-lasting option for a new fence. Fence professionals have been constructing wood fences for millennia, and they are a relatively cost-effective option that can be both functional and good-looking. The styles of wood fences include board on board, spaced board, and solid board. Each of these categories has different aesthetic purposes and can each suit different styles of a home and landscape. Wood fences go great with large, open landscapes, rustic homes, or if you prefer, a more easygoing style.

Vinyl Fences

One way to add visual interest to the front yard is to showcase a fence with artistic flair. Designing a privacy fence using vinyl is a cost-effective option. Today’s vinyl is long-lasting (at least 20 years), extremely strong, and available in a myriad of styles including wood grain or the classic white. Unless you enjoy the yearly chore of staining or painting wood, vinyl offers a great, no-maintenance alternative.

Custom Fences

Another idea: Put the attention on a fence that no one has ever seen before. Designing a custom fence to your specifications means combining artistic expression with practicality. Typically, custom fences are made using wood or a mix of wood and metal. And they are often a labor of love—for both the homeowner and the fence company.


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