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How to Find a Fence Contractor for a Commercial Fencing Project in the Mendham, NJ Area

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

As you build out a commercial landscape, fencing enters the equation as a necessary feature that offers security and adds aesthetic appeal to the property. How to find a fence contractor for a commercial fencing project in the Mendham, NJ, area involves a process that can be broken down into steps that ensure you will end up working with the best contractor for your needs.

How to Find a Fence Contractor for a Commercial Fencing Project in the Mendham, NJ Area

Experience With Similar Projects

It can be hard to judge expertise and customer service when dealing with a company for the first time, but you can bet that your chance of a good experience is better if the fence contractor has experience with similar projects. For example, a company that has only installed wood fencing in residential applications may not have the expertise needed to confidently handle a large-scale commercial project involving sloped land, complicated easements, a busy worksite, and large quantities of aluminum security fencing.

If your fencing project is particularly complex and you’re not sure if a new contractor can handle your project, opt for an experienced company. Fencing companies that have been in business for decades have proven that they can withstand the seasonal, personnel, and overhead challenges, and chances are good they have a broader range of experience.

Word of Mouth

Ask around your local commercial property owners about their experiences with a fence contractor you’re considering. Commercial property owners who have had a positive experience will likely be happy to recommend the company they used. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for helping people, and it’s often more effective than simply reading reviews online. If possible, ask questions about the experience: satisfaction, communication, professionalism, design process, how unexpected challenges were handled, the quality of the materials and installation, and any steps taken to protect the property. Sometimes even the best companies make mistakes, but it’s how they conduct themselves to rectify a problem that can make a difference.

Industry Relationships

Good fencing companies have long-term contracts with quality manufacturers, and the products are backed with a warranty. A good company has good relationships along the supply chain. Supply companies are happy to sell their products to reputable fencing companies and put their logo on their partner’s websites.

Detailed Planning and Project Management

Every property has special considerations and challenges. These steps could be outlined in the discussion you have with the fence contractor as you will want to be informed about procurement of materials, timeline, change orders, and protecting your property as well as the personal property of anyone on the premises during fence installation. A fencing company that values communication is one that is more likely, to be honest with you and be the kind of company that operates with integrity. Those values translate into your ability to have confidence in the fence contractor you ultimately choose for your project.

Insurance, Licenses, and Industry Certifications

When seeking the services of any type of contractor, insurance is often a top consideration, and reputable fence companies tend to be happy to show proof of current liability insurance and workman’s insurance. It’s also a good sign when they can show industry certifications. These certifications demonstrate a dedication to their craft and a commitment to professional development.


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