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Top 5 Wood Fence Questions to Ask a Fence Company Near Me in Westchester County, NY

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Choosing the right fencing material is sometimes challenging, but if you are primarily interested in a wood fence, then it’s a good idea to get some answers about what to expect. Here are five wood fence questions you could ask “a fence company near me” in Westchester County, NY.

Top 5 Wood Fence Questions to Ask a Fence Company Near Me in Westchester County, NY

1. What are the main purposes of a wood fence?

The main purpose of any fence is both decorative and focused on privacy. Wood fences are, by and large, not intended to make properties as secure as, for instance, a chain link or aluminum fence. In terms of security, wood fences can be designed more for keeping animals such as horses, cows, and dogs inside the property. You could look into having some chicken wire installed on the lower reaches of your fence to keep small and medium-size pets inside.

Privacy is another popular use for wood fences. You may also consider a wood fence for purely decorative purposes.

2. Which wood fence style should I choose?

Post-and-rail wood fences can have a few variations such as 2-rail, 3-rail, or 4-rail. The classic picket fence is a wonderful addition to any traditional American home, and you can get creative with how to interpret this style in shape and color. The privacy fence is another style using large boards with wide surface areas that allow few or no sightlines into your property. Privacy wood fencing can have vertical pickets, or favor a more trendy horizontal style that pairs well with modern homes.

3. Does all wood fencing look rustic?

You may immediately think of wood fencing as that post-and-rail style that dominates many ranches and pastures across the country. While these are designed for simplicity, wood can be shaped in many ways using modern technology. In fact, there are many elegant and sleek modern styles available. The color makes a style difference too, so be sure to choose a color pairing that suits your home.

4. How long will my wood fence last?

A wood fence can last a very long time! The longevity of your wood fence greatly depends on both the weather conditions of your property and whether you paint or seal it every couple of years. Unpainted or unstained wood that’s exposed to the elements will develop a lovely silvery patina, but the wood can start to degrade over several years and can require replacement sooner than a fence that’s been protected with paint or stain.

5. Which is better: paint or stain?

Paint provides a great seal for wood, though it’s not a permanent solution as paint can often peel off over time. A wood fence will need to be painted every few years in order to keep it looking attractive and to provide protection for the wood underneath.

Stain absorbs into the wood fibers themselves, making the color more a part of the wood than paint which sits on top of the wood. Stain can fade over time, so you may need to freshen up your fence every couple of years. Keep in mind that many stains do not protect the wood, they only color it.


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