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Why Is an Aluminum Fence Right for Your Front Yard in the Essex Fells and Ramsey, NJ, Areas?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

You may be wondering whether an aluminum fence would be the right choice for your front yard in the Essex Fells and Ramsey, NJ, areas. We build fences for many reasons; in the front yard, fences are mainly intended for security and appearances. While there are several main materials that Americans use in fencing their properties, aluminum fencing is one of the most popular. Aluminum is tried and proven as an attractive, durable, and strong fencing material.

Why Is an Aluminum Fence Right for Your Front Yard in the Essex Fells and Ramsey, NJ, Areas?

Mimicking Traditional Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing is some of the world’s most popular fencing materials and it’s often associated with the beauty and elegance that surrounds stately homes. However, every homeowner that has a wrought iron fence knows how quickly it can rust and decay, especially in a humid environment such as New Jersey. Aluminum, on the other hand, will not rust and decay, and it will never need painting since the colors are powder-coated on and remain virtually indestructible. And still, aluminum can be molded and shaped in a way that retains that timeless look of wrought iron.

Long-Lasting Strength and Durability

Aluminum is an incredibly durable material that will help make your front yard feel timeless. Iron fences are very heavy, which makes installation more difficult; and they require frequent painting to keep rust at bay. By contrast, aluminum is much lighter, which simplifies the installation process, and will not need painting.

Aluminum will withstand the seasons as well as some considerable forces from inclement weather. It is impervious to the ravages of weather over time and likely will never need replacing (it takes tremendous force to take down an aluminum fence).

Security Without Blocking the View

Aluminum fencing offers a welcoming and transparent feeling while still encouraging safety and discouraging unwanted visitors. An aluminum fence is constructed using pickets that can be spaced at different widths. The relatively narrow pickets allow for almost unobstructed visibility through the fence while also maintaining security. Choosing a dark color such as black or forest green will also help the fence blend into the surroundings, so you can enjoy an unobstructed yet secure view to your pool, or to the landscape beyond.

A Wide Range of Heights, Sizes, and Styles

Whether you need a fence that contains the most intrepid toddlers or pets or one that keeps out deer that can easily leap a standard backyard fence, there’s an aluminum fence that can do the job. Whether you’re looking to keep a pack of small dogs inside the fence or just offer a sense of visual comfort in your front yard, there’s an aluminum fence for you.

And whether your house is a grand estate, a rustic timber-framed home, a mid-century modern home, a Dutch Colonial, or if it spreads out in clean lines with minimalist elegance, there’s an aluminum fence for you. You can rest assured that ActiveYards fences feature choices that can fit right into your front yard and home aesthetics.

Relatively Minimal Installation Time

Aluminum fences manufactured by ActiveYards come in pre-assembled panels that snap securely to fence posts, simplifying installation and significantly shortening the process. Custom options are also available if there are landscape challenges or special considerations that can’t be addressed with pre-made fencings, such as extremely steep slopes or irregularities in the landscape.

Lower Lifetime Costs

Over the lifespan of the fence, the long-term durability and low maintenance will ensure that an aluminum fence will remain structurally sound and beautiful for many decades.


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