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Deciding When a Fence Contractor Is Right for a Project in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Fences are often a key feature of your property both for functional and aesthetic reasons. And fencing is a big investment that should be well thought-out and installed. With so many fencing contractors on the market, it’s important to make the right choice for your needs. Here is a guide for deciding when a fence contractor is right for a project in Westchester County and Orange County, NY.

Deciding When a Fence Contractor Is Right for a Project in Westchester County and Orange County, NY

Quick Response and Clear Communication

Once you have sent out a message, you should expect a fairly prompt reply from the fence contractor ready to answer your questions and discuss your project. Of course, if the fencing company is a good one, it may be busy with projects during certain times of the year and response times may be slower. If a significant amount of time passes and no response is made to your outreach, it could be indicative of communication problems down the road.

Communication does become key when a fencing project is started and scheduling is needed. If they have a poor response time before you’re a client, it could be highly likely that you’ll be left in the dark while you’re working together as well. When it comes time to ask the questions around price and scope of work, the fence contractor should generally be easy to reach. Even if the contractor isn’t available for work at that time, they will ideally let you know.

Experience Level

Older fence companies have proven their mettle—the level of experience and professionalism have allowed these companies to last through to today and more than likely, an experienced company will have the know-how to deal with fencing challenges due to obstacles on the property, uneven land, and custom features. If you’re considering working with a fence contractor, inquire about its years of experience.

Good Reputation

A dependable fence contractor has satisfied customers to back up its work. Even if there are less than positive reviews, see how the contractor responds. The responses could speak volumes. If possible, look for previous work and ask around at your local supply centers about the contractor’s reputation.

Online Presence

Many trustworthy landscape contractors use the internet to advertise their business. A professional fence contractor will typically have a website that’s easy to use with visible contact information, plenty of examples of past work, customer reviews, outlines of services available, and certifications and awards. While a website doesn’t need to be fancy, you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get the information you need. If the fence contractor you’re considering doesn’t have a semi-decent online presence, they may be cutting corners in other places as well.

Proof of Insurance

A trustworthy fencing contractor is typically willing to provide proof of current comprehensive insurance. Safety is always the top priority with each project. If a fence contractor is hesitant to provide proof of insurance, you may have to be concerned if you would be on the hook if anything goes wrong.

Physical Inspection

Keep in mind that a well-installed fence will look great a decade after it was first built. Ask to see real examples of past work, especially older work. You can simply drive past a property to see how well a fence has held up over the years, and the quality of installation.


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