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How to Find the Right Fence Company Near Me for a Saddle River, NJ, Project

Updated: May 11, 2023

If you’re looking to have a new fence built, one of the biggest considerations is finding the right fence company that can not only sell you the best products but installs them to the highest standard. Whether you need more privacy for your Saddle River, NJ, home, or you want to contain your pets and provide a safe play place for your kids, you’ve probably searched for a “fence company near me.” But how do you know what to look for? Here are our tips.

Fence Contractor Saddle River NJ - Fence Installation Near Me Saddle River NJ

Assess Your Property and Know Its Challenges

Not all properties are alike, and yours may be very straightforward or it may present challenges such as trees, rock outcroppings, or a steep grade. You want to work with a fence company that can handle your property’s challenges. This knowledge will influence the cost and timeline, and even the choice of fencing. A walk-through with a prospective fence company is essential.

See Their Work

You can start your search with online reviews, but it’s also important to see their actual finished projects. Most fence companies will attach a small plaque to their fences, so if you are walking your neighborhood, you can see who does the best work.

You can also ask a fence company to direct you to nearby properties where you can view finished fences. Look out for obvious signs of poor installation and low-quality materials (for example fences that are sagging, bowing, leaning, warping, or misaligned fence sections).

Know Their Products

Does a fence company use quality fencing products, and are they affiliated with a top supplier? A fence is a lasting investment in your landscape, so you want to be sure that a company is selling and installing high-quality products.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions will ensure that you get an accurate bid and that there are no surprises or miscommunications. Questions can include:

1. Who will obtain permits, and who will be present for inspections? Most fence projects do require permits, and in some cases, you may need to obtain zoning or setback variances and/or obtain HOA approvals and work out easement issues.

2. Who will determine the location of buried and overhead utilities that could be potential hazards?

3. How does the company plan to address installation on a sloped lot (i.e., the gaps underneath, and the appearance of the finished top)?

4. Does the price include any gates and hardware? If not, what will this add to the cost?

5. How long will it take? Expect a wait period in spring and summer when fence companies are busy. But you will want to know whether the project will be done in one fell swoop, or “piecemeal” as the company works on multiple projects simultaneously.

6. What will the company do to protect your landscaping and personal property that’s in the vicinity of the fence?

7. What does the warranty cover? If the company offers a warranty, is it for installation only or materials?

Consider Getting More Than One Estimate

It’s often a good idea to obtain more than one estimate to understand what fencing companies near you can provide. However, don’t let price be the final determining factor: customer service, experience, and quality materials and workmanship are the most important factors in the long run.


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