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The Many Upsides of Choosing an Aluminum Fence in Orange County and Westchester County, NY

Fencing can serve a myriad of purposes in a home, from offering security and privacy to enhancing aesthetic appeal. The type of fencing material you choose plays a critical role in achieving these functions, and one option that has gained popularity in Orange County and Westchester County, NY, is aluminum. Let’s explore the many upsides of choosing an aluminum fence for your landscape.

The Many Upsides of Choosing an Aluminum Fence in Orange County and Westchester County, NY

Durability and Longevity

One of the primary advantages of aluminum fencing is its durability. Unlike wood or iron, aluminum is not susceptible to rust, rot, or insect damage. This makes it an excellent choice for the wet, snowy winters and humid summers often experienced in Orange County and Westchester County. Furthermore, most aluminum fences come with a powder coating that enhances their durability and longevity.

Low Maintenance

Given its resistance to common elements of wear and tear, aluminum fencing is relatively low maintenance. Unlike wooden fences, which may require periodic painting or staining, or wrought iron fences that need to be checked regularly for rust, an aluminum fence will stand up to the elements with minimal maintenance. A simple wash with water and mild detergent is usually enough to keep it looking fresh and clean.


Aluminum fences are incredibly versatile. They can be installed on flat or sloped landscapes without creating awkward gaps or transitions, making them an excellent choice for the varied terrain in our region. Additionally, aluminum fences come in various styles, colors, and heights, allowing you to choose a design that complements your home's exterior and landscape design.


For environmentally conscious homeowners, aluminum fences are an appealing option. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be reused multiple times without losing its quality or strength. In many cases, new aluminum fences are made from a significant percentage of recycled materials, reducing the demand for raw materials and energy consumption.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Simply put, aluminum fencing is aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek, clean lines and polished finish can enhance the overall look of your landscape. Whether you prefer a contemporary style or a more traditional look, you can find an aluminum fence design that fits your taste.

Easy Installation

Aluminum fences are easier and quicker to install than many other types of fences. This is because they come in panels that are light and easy to handle, and these panels can be adjusted to fit your specific landscape.


The strength of aluminum, coupled with the fact that it can be designed without horizontal rails (which could potentially be used to climb), makes it a robust deterrent to intruders. Plus, it can be easily topped with decorative spear points or finials that further discourage climbing.


While providing security and defining boundaries, aluminum fencing doesn’t obstruct views due to its thin pickets and open design. This means you can secure your property while still enjoying your surrounding landscape or watching your children play in the yard.

Compatibility With Automated Gates

If you're considering automating your gates for added convenience and security, aluminum fencing is an excellent choice. Its lightweight nature makes it compatible with most gate operators, allowing for seamless integration if you decide to upgrade to an automatic gate system in the future.

Pet-Friendly Fencing Option

Aluminum fences can be designed with closer picket spacing to ensure smaller pets can’t squeeze through, making them a pet-friendly option. For families with pets, this provides peace of mind knowing that your furry friends can safely enjoy the outdoor space.


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