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Comparing the Benefits of an Aluminium Fence or Vinyl Fence in the Westchester County, NY Area

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

If you’ve narrowed down your options to either an aluminum fence or a vinyl fence for your Westchester County, NY, it’s time to compare the benefits of each. This straightforward guide has been written to help you more easily determine which ActiveYards fence could be the ideal option for your home.

Comparing the Benefits of an Aluminum Fence or Vinyl Fence in the Westchester County, NY Area

Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

One of the biggest advantages of an aluminum fence is that it requires very little maintenance. There is no staining or resurfacing needed, thanks to the fact that the powder coating is fused directly to the aluminum during the manufacturing process. This results in a permanent color that will never rust or fade. Cleaning it is as simple as grabbing a garden hose and giving the fence a good scrubbing.

Another main benefit of aluminum is that it is extremely versatile. Does your landscape have a slope or is it otherwise uneven? You do not have to worry about gaps or awkward transitions because aluminum fences can be installed to adapt to different heights. You might need this due to sloping in your land but you could also want more privacy in some areas, necessitating higher fence levels in some areas of your yard.

Finally, aluminum is secure and durable. You want a fence that can withstand our diverse weather conditions. ActiveYards aluminum fences are manufactured to handle this and more. It’s also a secure material that won’t bend or break, making it a great choice to keep kids and pets in or out of the yard.

Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence requires a similarly small amount of maintenance. It does not need to be stained or painted, does not attract insects as a wood fence would, and even in the event of issues like mold growing in particularly wet areas, the fence will not be damaged and will only require a swift cleaning with dish soap and water.

Vinyl can be manufactured in many different colors and textures. In fact, it can be designed to look exactly like wood and used as a privacy fence, ranch fence, or decorative fence. You can choose from hundreds of color and texture combinations, and the color you choose will be permanent, never fade, and not require re-painting.

Compared to a wood fence, vinyl is considered stronger and has been tested to be able to withstand more force than a wood fence. Vinyl is also considered more flexible than wood, thanks in part to its hollow core, which helps it withstand the forces of wind.

Vinyl and Aluminum Are Both Straightforward to Install

No matter if you choose vinyl or aluminum, ActiveYards fences are known for being straightforward to install, so your installation timeline may not be long, depending on your fence contractor’s availability. The installation begins with with fence posts being professionally installed and set into concrete for total durability and strength. Then the pre-built panels snap into the posts with secure hardware. This means an installation that is swift, straightforward, and secure. Before you know it, your landscape will be more secure, more private, and more beautiful, thanks to your aluminum or vinyl fence.


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