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Tips and Techniques to a Chain Link Fence Installation in the Franklin Lakes, NJ Area

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

A chain link fence offers stability, security, and a clear view, as long as the fence is installed properly. For fence installations in and around the Franklin Lakes, NJ, areas, here are some ways to ensure a successful chain link fence installation.

Tips and Techniques to a Chain Link Fence Installation in the Franklin Lakes, NJ Area

Comprehensive Planning and Site Assessment

Before any installation process, thorough planning is essential. This could involve a comprehensive site assessment, analyzing the topography, checking for underground utilities, and establishing the exact boundary lines. Based on the specific landscape, the most suitable placement and style of the fence will be determined.

Understanding Local Regulations

Being well-versed in local building codes and regulations is crucial for fence builders. These guidelines can influence factors like the height of the fence, how far it should be from the property line, and whether or not a permit is required. It’s important to ensure your fence installation is fully compliant.

Accommodating Ground Variations

One of the complexities of fence installation is dealing with ground variations. Uneven or sloped terrain requires expert handling to ensure the fence remains level and secure. Knowledge and experience are necessary to modify the fence design and installation technique to best suit the landscape, delivering a visually pleasing and structurally sound result.

Utilizing Quality Materials

A chain link fence is only as good as the materials used. Work with a company that sources high-quality, durable chain link mesh, posts, rails, and fittings. Materials should be designed to withstand the local weather conditions, ensuring longevity and maintaining the appearance of the fence over time.

Choosing the Right Coating

The choice of coating for a chain link fence can impact its longevity, especially considering the diverse weather conditions we experience in the Franklin Lakes, NJ area. Galvanized steel offers excellent durability, while vinyl-coated options can provide an extra layer of protection and come in various colors to match the aesthetic of your property.

Proper Post Installation

Setting the fence posts correctly is critical to the overall stability of the chain link fence. Professional-grade tools are required, such as a post-hole digger and a spirit level. The right tools help to ensure the posts are set deep enough for stability and perfectly vertical. Next, a precise concrete mixing and pouring process should be used to secure the posts, with adequate drying time allowed before proceeding to the next steps.

Expert Chain Link and Gate Installation

The chain link installation demands attention to detail. Quality control can include ensuring that the tension is correct, which should result in a secure and sag-free finish. The same attention needs to be given to gate installation. Gates are strategically positioned and aligned for easy access and smooth operation.

Consistent Maintenance Advice

After the installation, talk to the installation company if you have questions about how to maintain the chain link fence. This could involve simple steps, such as occasional inspections for any signs of damage or wear, and how to keep the fence clean.

Consideration for Privacy

While chain link fences are not traditionally associated with privacy, various options can enhance this aspect. For instance, privacy slats can be woven into the mesh, or screens can be attached.


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