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Aluminum Fence: High-End Look Without the Maintenance in the Westchester County, NY, Area

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Enjoy the regal look of a wrought-iron fence when you have a black aluminum fence professionally installed at your Westchester County, NY, home. Many fence contractors recommend aluminum fencing for its numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with an aluminum fence.


Aluminum fences are known to be a low-maintenance fencing option. These fences do not need to be re-painted, and they maintain their color over time. While you may need to have the fence washed periodically, that’s the extent of the maintenance that’s needed to keep the fencing looking great.


While some fencing materials may be nearly impossible to have installed on difficult terrain, aluminum fencing is highly adjustable. ActiveYards aluminum fences are rackable, which means they can be adapted to a changing slope throughout your property and still maintain their beautiful appearance without leaving gaps between the ground and the lower fence rail.


Aluminum fencing is durable yet lightweight. While wrought iron will rust, aluminum fencing does not. Plus, this fencing has a powder paint coating that increases longevity and helps ensure its gorgeous appearance for years to come. Aluminum fencing is known to be resistant to weather of all kinds; it’s strong and can stand up to hail, wind, ice, and snow. While wooden fencing can rot or be susceptible to termites over time, aluminum will not deteriorate or be susceptible to insect infestations.


If you have pets or children and want to enjoy peace of mind that they are secure within your fenced-in front or back yard, an aluminum fence may be a great choice. It’s also a popular option for surrounding a pool or hot tub because of how well it helps secure the area. Many aluminum fences are considered code compliant, but it’s a good idea to check with a fence contractor who is familiar with the local codes to ensure that’s the case for your specific situation. With a beautiful gate that features a locking safety latch, you can rest easy knowing the ones you love aren’t able to access certain areas and that it keeps people off of your property.

For an additional security feature, you may want to consider having an aluminum fence installed with a finial cap. The pointed edges help prevent people from climbing over the fence and onto your property.

Design and Style Options

Whether you prefer a contemporary style with a sleek fence line, a timeless traditional look, or a transitional style that incorporates a modern aesthetic with a more traditional look, you will be able to find an aluminum-style fence that meets your preferences. Speak with a professional fence contractor to see the various options that you can choose from. You can even choose from a curved or rounded look for the gate tops or have accessories added that add an extra flair to the design, such as butterfly scrolls, circles, ball caps, or solar caps.


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