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Is it Time to Call a Fence Contractor in Westchester County, NY?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

While some Westchester County, NY fence designs and installations can seem simple, others can turn into a complex situation that ends in disaster. An authorized fence contractor not only knows how to plan fence installations but can troubleshoot issues that arise in the project to keep it on track. Here are some reasons it could be time to call a fence contractor.

Is it Time to Call a Fence Contractor in Westchester County, NY?

Removing an Old Fence

When a fence has become wobbly or parts of the enclosure are missing, it’s likely the right time to have the fence removed. Not only is an old fence unsightly but it no longer serves the original purpose of providing protection and privacy for your yard.

Some signs that indicate it is time to remove a fence are when you see mold or mildew growing, indicating dry rot of the wood. Leaning posts or cracking in the panels is another sign of problems, along with seeing insects flying or crawling around the fencing.

Enlisting a fence contractor to remove old fencing can prevent damage to your yard and nearby structures.

Choosing a New Fence

The many fence options can leave you baffled and confused so this is another reason to rely on the expertise of a fence contractor. They are passionate about helping you find the perfect fence for your pool space, side yard, or expansive backyard.

Aluminum Fencing

Durable and versatile, aluminum fencing can serve as protection for a pool area, enclose a section of the backyard that holds a patio, and keep your pets from running off. The fencing colors are attractive and the styles are diverse, appealing to homeowners for their ability to blend well with the house and surroundings. Unlike wood, this material won’t rust, bend, or rot, making it a long-lasting choice.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is virtually indestructible, the workhorse of fences. Surround a sports court, secure large dogs, and keep your children safe in a play yard with this fence choice. A chain link fence needs no maintenance to serve you well for years of protection and security.

Vinyl Fencing

When choosing a vinyl fence, you are getting a popular choice with an array of colors, picket sizes, and decorative accents. Some primary benefits of vinyl fencing are the option for full or partial privacy, more durability than wood, multiple colors to complement your outdoor space, and minimal care. Safe to enclose your swimming pool, protect your pets and children, and increase privacy in style, vinyl fences can be part of the front or backyard areas.

Custom Fencing

There are times when you need a custom fence and this is where the expertise of the fencing specialist can pay big dividends. While there are many standard options for fences, you might have a vision in mind that requires an out-of-the-ordinary material, design, or structure. Decorative fences can be made of wrought iron, steel, and other materials that you won’t find in the showroom but the fence company can have them custom-made.


Because they handle fences every day, fence contractor knows where you need gates for convenient access to enclosed areas. Whether you need single gates in some parts of the landscape and a double gate in another to let a vehicle or boat through, they can help with the proper number of gates.


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