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Ask This Before Choosing a Vinyl Fence Installation Company in Orange County, Westchester County, NY

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

When you’re planning to add a vinyl fence to your property, the first important decision is who you’ll work with. Some companies have been around for years and built an impressive reputation while others might try to get by doing shoddy work on the cheap. You don’t want to be stuck with an improperly constructed fence, so it’s important to do some research. With all of these considerations, ask these questions before choosing a vinyl fence installation company in the Orange County and Westchester County, NY, areas.

Vinyl Fence Installation Westchester County NY - Ask This Before Choosing a Vinyl Fence | Jan Fence

Are They Easy to Find?

Any professional contractor that’s looking to attract more clients will have a good-looking and easy-to-use website that’s full of product information, services performed, examples of their work, and contact information.

Is the Company Responsive?

Under normal circumstances, whether you send the first message via email or call via telephone, you should generally expect them to respond quickly. If companies don’t respond promptly and professionally before you’re a client, they may not be responsive when they have your down payment.

How Experienced Is the Fence Installation Company?

There’s a reason so many companies like to show how long they’ve been in business. It means they’ve got the necessary skills and professionalism to keep attracting work. You’ll be able to clearly see some examples of finished work on their website. They should specify which types of fencing they work within their portfolio.

There may be nothing wrong with working with a new company on a small fence project, but large, complex projects often come with a host of unexpected hiccups that a new company may not be prepared for. We recommend working with seasoned pros on all fencing projects, particularly those that are large and complex.

Do They Have a Good Reputation?

A great fencing company will have the reviews to prove it but look beyond the five-star review to get a true sense of what the company is really like. It’s how they respond to online criticism that can be key! Companies with the most sterling reputations tend to be those with positive word-of-mouth. Ask around at hardware stores or supply centers and name-drop the company you’re interested in, and you may get a sense of nearby reputable fencing installation companies.

Will They Charge a Fair Price?

You may get a sense of pricing on a fence installation company’s website or its pricing practices. Of course, everything depends on the size of your project and any unique challenges: that’s why they’re called “estimates.” When you talk with a representative, they should be upfront about what costs may incur along the way and how unexpected challenges will be addressed.

Are They Insured?

Safety is usually the priority. You will want to see the current proof of insurance of the company. While fencing companies aren’t required to carry licenses (like general contractors do), they will proudly display any industry certifications or awards on their website.

Can I See Their Work?

It’s one thing to display previous projects on a website. The real proof is in the actual physical fence. Most importantly: how is the fence holding up years later? Ask the company about prior projects and drive or walk by to examine the workmanship and quality of installation.


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