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Reasons Why an Aluminum Fence Installation Is a Popular Choice in Ramsey and Essex Fells, NJ

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

As you make your decisions for a new fence on your property, you might still be unsure about which material will give you the ideal blend of aesthetics, durability, and practicality. This is a crucial decision, and in this article we’ll explore the benefits of aluminum fencing. Aluminum fences are technologically advanced, effective in security, and beautiful additions that will bring an elegant touch to your property. Here are six reasons why an aluminum fence installation is a popular choice in Ramsey and Essex Falls, NJ.

Reasons Why an Aluminum Fence Installation Is a Popular Choice in Ramsey and Essex Fells, NJ

Old-World Elegance

Some styles of aluminum fencing are intended to be reminiscent of elegant wrought iron fencing that has been popular around elegant homes, castles, and public buildings for hundreds of years. As gorgeous as it is, wrought iron has a few drawbacks: It is heavy (which makes installation more costly) and requires frequent maintenance to keep it from rusting. Today, you can get the same elegant look with aluminum fencing, which is available in a wide range of decorative styles to suit any design aesthetic.

Long-Lasting Durability

Wrought iron rusts quickly, especially in humid environments, and needs to be painted every few years to avoid deterioration. This costly maintenance requirement is part of why more homeowners are choosing aluminum. Aluminum does not rust. Its color is a powder coat applied during manufacturing and won’t require repainting. In fact, you can expect your aluminum fence to outlast a wrought iron fence!

Effective Security

The strength of aluminum as a fencing material ensures that it is an extremely effective barrier for security reasons. In fact, commercial and government properties across the world use aluminum as perimeter fences, so you can be sure that aluminum fencing can offer superior security for your home or pool. These fences can be ideal for pet containment since pets can’t climb them, and even the toughest big dog won’t be able to push through.

Open-View Plan

Aluminum fences offer an incredible opportunity to celebrate the view while maintaining security. The minimal width of the individual pickets and rails allow for virtually unobstructed views across the fence. This is especially advantageous when black is chosen as the fence color, as black can even appear almost invisible against dark backgrounds at a distance. Aluminum fencing will help your property feel much more open without sacrificing security.

While aluminum fencing isn’t generally considered an ideal solution for privacy, you could plant hedges or cypress to create a living wall in front of the fence, or allow climbing vines to grow on the fence.


Few properties are perfectly flat and this can present fencing installation challenges. Aluminum fences can be customized to fit perfectly on your property, regardless of slope or unevenness of the land. This will give you a consistently elegant look throughout your landscape.

Aesthetic Beauty

While the metal structure of an aluminum fence is mainly to provide security, there are so many excellent opportunities to dress up the fence in both pre-design and post-design settings. Post caps are the small pieces that sit on top of the fence posts. Post caps can add a decorative flourish that can be as sleek or as ornate as you want.


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