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Why a Vinyl Fence Installation Could Be the Right Choice for Your Home in Mendham and Ramsey, NJ

Updated: May 11, 2023

Fences are important elements of a landscape, so it is important to consider which fence option is best when you are contemplating what yours should look like. Although you will have various reasons to choose one type of fencing material (vinyl, wood, aluminum, or chain-link) over another, we will focus on the benefits of a vinyl fence installation. Here is why it could be the right choice for your home in the Medham and Ramsey, NJ, area.

Why a Vinyl Fence Installation Could Be the Right Choice for Your Home in Mendham and Ramsey, NJ

Vinyl Is Strong and Durable

Vinyl fencing did not always have the standout reputation it does today. Old fences were known to possibly crack, warp, or have coloring issues over time. However, today’s vinyl fencing is made to be virtually indestructible. It is made with polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is the same material commonly used in plumbing.

Quality vinyl fencing can stand up to whatever Mother Nature can dish out, including strong UV light, without yellowing, cracking, warping, or dry-rotting.

Vinyl Is Low Maintenance

Wood and iron are popular fencing materials that both require a significant amount of maintenance to preserve their looks and structural integrity. Vinyl fencing does not need to be painted or stained. It’s also reassuring to know that this type of fence does not need to be protected against moisture, insects, or even horses that like to chew on fencing.

Of course, vinyl fencing will need occasional cleaning to maintain its looks, but all you will need is mild dish soap and water.

Wood fences can also come loose, as weather causes boards, posts, or pickets to shrink or expand. This is not the case with vinyl. ActiveYards’ exclusive GlideLock technology ensures that boards or pickets will lock tightly into place without any gaps. This secure system helps the fence stand up to wind, and prevents the “old fence” look that can leave some wood fencing sagging or bowed.

Vinyl Is Versatile

ActiveYards vinyl fencing comes in a wide range of styles to give you the look you want. It can look like a stained or painted wooden fence, or like a classic charming wood picket fence. Whether you want to add privacy to an outdoor living space, ensure security around a pool, safely contain pets (including horses), or simply add visual appeal to your front entry, there’s a vinyl solution!

Within each type of fence (security, privacy, safety, or aesthetics), ActiveYards fences feature different styles that help you create the perfect pairing with your home’s architectural style.

Vinyl Is Recyclable

For homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly fencing option, it is good to know that vinyl fencing is a top choice. First, vinyl can easily outlast wood or metal (iron) fencing. And if you ever decide that you want to change the style or function of your fence, you can rest easy knowing that the entire vinyl fence can be recycled rather than relegated to the landfill.

A Vinyl Fence Can Be Installed Quickly

Vinyl is among the quickest types of fencing to have installed. By having pros install your fence, whether yours will be primarily for privacy, security, or functional reasons, you will be able to enjoy its benefits soon.


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