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Consider This When Deciding Between Aluminum and Vinyl Fence Installation in Westchester County, NY

Deciding on the perfect fence for your landscape will often come down to a choice between materials. Aluminum and vinyl have different characteristics while both being incredible fencing materials, but more often than not, one material is better than the other for specific situations. A fence contractor can not only help you make the right decision for your property, but also take on the project and finish it to perfection. Make sure to consider this when deciding between aluminum and vinyl fence installation in Westchester County, NY.

Consider This When Deciding Between Aluminum and Vinyl Fence Installation in Westchester County, NY

Aluminum: A Top Pick for Security, Safety, and Elegance

The versatility of an aluminum fence makes it a top choice for virtually all applications aside from privacy. Aluminum has largely supplanted another classic fencing material used all over the world—wrought iron. It is also used in some groundbreaking designs for modern landscaping. Such a versatile material will enhance the property on which it stands.

Views: Aluminum is not only a charming fence material that’s capable of capturing the look of traditional styles, but it can also do well in enhancing a view. In fact, aluminum fences can appear almost transparent at a distance especially if you choose darker colors. Their narrow pickets allow plenty of light to pass through. This allows for unparalleled security without blocking the view.

Strength and durability: Aluminum is an incredibly strong fencing material that will last in a landscape for generations. Unlike traditional wrought iron, which rusts without routine painting, aluminum is powder-coated during manufacturing. It will never need replacement or painting and it won’t succumb to rust. Aluminum is also much more lightweight than wrought iron, allowing for faster installation.

Vinyl: Privacy, Traditional Charm, and Low Maintenance

Much like the advancements made in aluminum fencing, vinyl is just as versatile as a fencing material. Vinyl is often used in place of wood fencing. It has many of the capabilities of wood fencing while being much more durable and requiring almost zero maintenance during its lifetime. Vinyl can also be used in both traditional and contemporary applications.

Privacy: Vinyl fences have the fantastic ability to mimic the natural look of wood grain and some of the styles that wood fencing creates. This is especially advantageous when used in privacy fence applications. Vinyl fences can restrict the view of your property from outside while having an elegant presence as part of your outdoor living design. With a variety of color and design options, vinyl privacy fences can pair with nearly any architecture style.

Decoration: While providing a safe and secure environment, vinyl can also act as a decorative fence to adorn the good looks of any home and outdoor space. Vinyl fences can imitate both traditional white picket fences and sleek modern fences. Unlike wood fences, vinyl does not need to be painted and it won’t splinter.

Aluminum and Vinyl: Safety

Safety: Both types of fences would be effective at keeping your property and its occupants safe and secure. These fences are great at containing pets and toddlers within their boundaries. Aluminum fences also have the added benefit of vertical bars, which prevent climbing. This makes them especially conducive around pools and homes that need extra protection.


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