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What Color Aluminum Fence Would a Fence Company Near Me Suggest for a Home in Essex Fells, NJ?

Aluminum fencing is a great material choice, but it may surprise you how aluminum fences can also add color and interest to a home and landscape. As you plan out the style of your fence, be sure to consider which color of fence can enhance its surroundings. Let’s answer the question: What color aluminum fence is a fence company near me likely to suggest for a home in Essex Fells, NJ?

What Color Aluminum Fence Would a Fence Company Near Me Suggest for a Home in Essex Fells, NJ?

Why Does Color Matter?

The fence is a large landscape feature that you can make as prominent or as subtle as you want, with the right choice of style and color. One of the first considerations in fence design should be how visible you want aspects of the landscape and the home behind the fence to be. However, you should also consider how visible you want the fence itself: Do you want it to play a supporting role, or take center stage?

Why Choose Aluminum?

For many years, aluminum fences have been revolutionizing the way homeowners protect their properties. Aluminum is very strong. Each post, rail, cap, and gate will be just as strong when it leaves the factory as several generations down the road. Aluminum is lightweight compared with wrought iron. When it comes to maintenance, aluminum has many advantages over wrought iron: It doesn’t rust, and its maintenance requirements are minimal.

Black Aluminum Fences

One of the most common colors used in aluminum fences is black because it gives an elegant look to a property, while blending beautifully into a landscape when viewed from a distance at both daytime and nighttime.

When standing next to a long and straight aluminum fence, an optical illusion may occur. It appears as one continuous solid structure even though there is lots of empty space between bars and rails. When seen from a distance, the fence makes little mark on the landscape, and the features behind can be easily seen through the fence (which can make it an ideal choice if there’s a beautiful view you want to preserve). Up close, the majesty of an ornate aluminum fence can be appreciated just as it was with wrought iron fences from yesteryear.

Black fences can look stunning next to traditional or historical homes, or homes with very dark accents—and they can’t help but add an exclusive estate air to a property.

Pewter Aluminum Fences

Pewter (dark gray) fences offer the same elegance as a black fence, but with a slightly more contemporary look and some would say an even better ability to seamlessly blend into the surroundings (black will stand out more against light-colored foliage).

Pewter is a great neutral color that won’t make the fence the center of attention, but at the same time gives the space the elegant vibe of wrought iron.

Dark gray tones are ideal for contemporary or ultra modern homes; rustic homes where you want natural elements like wood to dominate visually; and they’re a great choice when you are “on the fence” about which color to choose.

White Aluminum Fences

White can complement a light colored home and offer a striking contrast against the landscaping. White aluminum fences stand out against a variety of colors and remain distinctly visible at a distance. This can be a powerful statement that brings the fence into the spotlight as a design element.


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