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How a Fence Contractor Can Help Define a Sports Court Area in Franklin Lakes and Saddle River, NJ

Fencing can be used to help designate an activity area, including sports activities. To keep all game participants and those outside the area safe, a fence contractor can help you contain the sports activities of your property. Here are the benefits of chain link fencing for a sports court area in Franklin Lakes and Saddle River, NJ.

How a Fence Contractor Can Help Define a Sports Court Area in Franklin Lakes and Saddle River, NJ


Chain link fencing is known for lasting many years in a variety of environments. Chain link fences are galvanized steel wires that are typically coated with a zinc powder to protect from rust, enabling them to consistently stand strong for years. The steel wires that make up the fence structure are woven together in a pattern that can withstand a considerable amount of pressure, making the fence impervious to wind and ice.


The flexibility of the woven structure of chain link fencing allows for a relatively soft impact in case sports participants lose control and run into the fence. While someone may experience a serious injury from an impact with another type of fencing, chain link can flex and give way just enough to reduce the risk of injury.


Chain Link fences remain incredibly strong while allowing light and air to pass through. The relatively thin wires—especially if you choose a darker color—will also help the fence to blend into the surrounding environment, practically appearing invisible from a distance. This comes in handy when you want to keep spectators safe while giving them a full view of the action inside the fence.


For those who may desire a more secluded and private sporting experience, chain link fences have the ability to host privacy screens made from different materials. Mesh screens can be attached to the inside or outside of the fence, allowing light through while obscuring views from both near and far away and blocking wind (great for tennis courts in particular). Faux foliage inserts can transform the fence into a complete privacy fence with a naturalistic look. You can also allow climbing vines to grow on the fence, making the environment feel closer to nature.


The relatively lightweight steel structure of chain link fencing enables greater heights than other fence materials. In sports court applications, a tall fence is often required to contain fast moving balls. It’s necessary for completely containing activities and keeping everyone safe.

Freedom of Sports Activity

The different activities that can take place inside a fenced sports court area can encourage everyone you live with to live a healthier lifestyle and have a safe place to train. Tennis courts are commonly surrounded by fences to contain fast-moving balls. Basketball courts, baseball practice cages, golf practice ranges, soccer fields, and hockey rinks can all be contained with chain link fencing to ensure the safety of everyone. Backyard skate parks also make excellent sites for sport court fencing.

While the family is engaged in a sport, what about Fido? A dog run adjacent to the sport court can keep the family pet safe while offering the pup a prime view of the action. Here, too, chain link can’t be beat. It’s big-dog tough and of course the height can be customized to contain even the most athletic dogs.


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