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4 Ways a Fence Contractor Can Help with Safety for Sports Activities in Mendham and Tewksbury, NJ

Sports and games can lead to some of the most fun times of the summer. They’re not always the safest activities, however, as flying balls, pucks, or other sports equipment can often go far beyond the boundaries of the sports court. In order to keep participants, passersby, and property safe, the sports area should be fenced in to keep it contained and safe. Here are four ways a fence contractor can help with safety for sports activities in Mendham and Tewksbury, NJ.

4 Ways a Fence Contractor Can Help with Safety for Sports Activities in Mendham and Tewksbury, NJ

The Best Material

Chain link fences are often the best choice for sports fencing because they are both durable and flexible. They are strong enough to contain the most enthusiastic sports; they can stand strong for many years with virtually no maintenance; they create a trustworthy barrier between sports areas and safe areas; and they let plenty of light and air pass through so that spectators can watch. Chain link is one of the most cost-effective forms of fencing there is. Since chain link comes in a variety of heights, there’s a solid choice available for whichever type of flying missile (ball, puck, etc.) that you’re trying to contain.

Professional Planning

Like any other type of fence, sports court fences are subject to permits and thorough planning. A fence contractor can expedite the planning and zoning process (which is affected by the height of the fence). The fence contractor may also contact utilities to ensure safety of both overhead and underground utilities, and will expertly plan out the perimeter of the fence, and address any obstacles that may need removal. Finally, the fence contractor can order the correct amount of chain link fabric, concrete, posts, rails, caps, gates, and accessories.

DIY vs Professional Fence-Building

Chain link fences can be done DIY style in many residential situations. However, sports court fencing is typically significantly higher than a pet containment or security fence, in order to contain all the sports equipment and the occasional flying ball. A taller fence may also require much deeper post holes, which may require heavy equipment. Taller chain link fabric (or mesh), such as the kind needed around tennis courts or baseball fields, is very heavy. For the sake of safety as well as quality construction, the installation of a chain link fence for a typical sports court should be done by professional fence building contractors.

Chain Link Fence Additions

An experienced fence contractor will ensure that the fence meets your practical and aesthetic needs.

The flexibility of chain link fences makes them great for sports activities as it’s virtually impossible to damage them. This still doesn’t make them very soft, however. It’s possible to add various types of padding onto a chain link fence for high-impact, fast-paced sports to reduce injuries. Pads can also be put on the posts, which are the more rigid part of the fence and the parts that are most likely to cause injury from potential impact.

Chain link fences have a high level of visibility through the holes in the links, which allows for great view for spectators. In case you want to add privacy or help the sports court blend into the landscaping, there are various additions such as faux wood or faux foliage that can be placed between the links. Mesh screens can let some light through but virtually block the entire view inside and block some wind.


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