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Aluminum Fence or Vinyl Fence? Which Material Is Best for a Front Yard in Ramsey, NJ?

The entrance to your home is important to the experience of guests, and a fence can add to the ambience. The front yard perimeter fence adds a level of protection and security to the home, but it’s also an important aspect of the beauty and feeling of the home. Two of the most modern and versatile fence options are an aluminum fence or vinyl fence. As you plan changes to your landscaping, you will want to know which material is best for a front yard in Ramsey, NJ.

Aluminum Fence or Vinyl Fence? Which Material Is Best for a Front Yard in Ramsey, NJ?

Why Aluminum and Vinyl Are Superior

Various fence materials have been used for many years. These include wrought iron and wood, which both continue to make effective and beautiful fences, but do have some drawbacks.

While it’s elegant and beautiful, the weight, cost, and maintenance of wrought iron are considered cons for choosing this type of fence. It needs to be painted every few years to avoid rusting and deterioration of the metal. This can be an expensive and time-consuming activity.

Wood continues to be used as a fencing material because it’s relatively versatile. However, post-pandemic supply chain issues have made it difficult to find affordable wood fencing. Wood also needs to be routinely stained or painted every few years.

The Benefits of Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences have largely replaced wrought iron because of its many advantages over its older metal cousin. Aluminum is much more lightweight without sacrificing strength. The cores of the posts and rails are hollow yet the material is incredibly strong. This makes installation faster and results in a fence that will stand the test of time.

Aluminum is powder coated during manufacturing, a process that gives lasting color; any unusual scrapes from falling tree branches, for example, can easily be touched up without worrying about the integrity of the aluminum. And it will not need repainting.

Aluminum fences have many applications. Aluminum makes an excellent security fence due to its strength and durability. It’s a no-climb fence (especially if you choose a taller model), which helps keep intruders out and pets in. Due to the relatively slender posts, pickets, and rails, aluminum fences can easily blend into the environment and almost appear invisible from far away, especially if you choose dark colors such as black. Lighter colors can make a bolder design statement.

The Benefits of Vinyl Fences

A vinyl fence is a great alternative to wood, and it can be used in the same applications. Vinyl does not deteriorate and does not require repeated staining or painting every few years. In fact, aside from the occasional surface cleaning, you won’t have to worry about the vinyl fence at all.

Vinyl has an outstanding strength that allows it to hold up for many years. Vinyl makes an excellent privacy fence with either horizontal or vertical panels that will keep unwanted eyes out of your backyard. It can also make excellent pet containment and livestock fences. In front yard applications, a vinyl fence can be used as a garden fence or the classic American white picket fence that adds incredible charm.

So which is best? Take cues from your home’s architecture, your security and privacy needs, and your personal aesthetic. Both add security, beauty, and pet containment. If privacy is a priority, vinyl could be the top choice. If you want the strongest possible fence, then you may want to choose aluminum.


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