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How to Find a Fence Contractor for Fence Installation Near Me in the Westchester County, NY, Area

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

One of the biggest decisions to make when you’re looking to have a new fence built is choosing a fence contractor. Which company has access to the best products, and which one near you has the best reputation for installing fences to high standards? Here’s how to find a fence contractor as you research “fence installation near me” in the Westchester County, NY, area. Whether you’re looking for security, privacy, or front entry beautification, here’s what to look for.

Top Fence Installation Near me Westchester County, NY - How to Find Fence Contractor For Fence

First, know the challenges that your property may have. You want a fencing company that has the experience to deal with steep grades or rock outcrops as well as the types of fencing that are suitable for those situations. You could have a walk-through with a company’s representative before moving forward with a particular fence contractor.

Learn About the Company’s Reputation

Start online; see the fence contractor’s website and read the reviews. You can also get a good sense for a company’s work when you see the finished work in person. If you are walking your neighborhood and notice a fence you like, chances are that the fence installer’s plaque will be attached.

A fence company can also direct you to nearby properties where you can see finished fences, or works in progress. Be on the lookout for poor installation practices: misaligned sections, poorly hung gates, sagging or leaning fences, and cheap looking materials.

You will want to know what products a fence company sells and installs. Is it affiliated with a quality manufacturer? Does the fence contractor carry the types of fencing you want?

Ask Smart Questions

Questions to ask a prospective fencing company include:

1. Who is responsible for obtaining permits, and who is expected to be present for inspections? Since some fencing projects require permits (and sometimes variances and homeowners association approval) you want to be sure this step doesn’t fall through the cracks.

2. Who is responsible for determining the location of both buried and overhead utilities that could interfere with the fence installation?

3. If your property presents challenges, how does the company plan on addressing them? For example, on a steeply sloped lot, will the fence follow the contours of the land to prevent gaps underneath, or will it take a stepped approach?

4. Are gates and hardware included in the cost?

5. How will the company protect your landscaping and personal property during the fence installation?

6. How long will the project take? You may want to schedule an installation as soon as possible if your timeline is tight. It’s also important to know whether the project will be completed all at once, or whether your installer is working on several projects at the same time and will need to install your fence in phases.

7. Does the company offer a warranty, and what does it cover? Is it for labor only, or labor and materials?

You may want to collect more than one estimate so that you can get a more accurate assessment of the going rates and what’s included in the bid. Don’t let price be the only determining factor, however. Consider experience (especially if the property presents challenges), quality of materials, and of course customer service—you really can tell a lot about a company from the consistency of its online reviews.


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