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Would an Aluminum Fence Look Best in a Front Yard in Westchester County, NY?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Are you considering having a fence installed in your Westchester County, NY, front yard? Choosing which type of fence can be a challenge—should you choose a privacy fence or a semi-privacy fence? Should it be made out of wood, vinyl, or aluminum? Perhaps you’re considering a chain link fence for your front yard. If you’re leaning toward aluminum, you will find that it is an excellent fence choice for a variety of reasons, making it a material worth considering.

Would an Aluminum Fence Look Best in a Front Yard in Westchester County, NY?

Enhanced Aesthetics

Aluminum fences have a timeless and elegant look that never goes out of style. Aluminum is a popular material to use for front yards because of its refined appearance but also because of its excellence in creating a perimeter boundary. Imagine having a beautiful black aluminum fence that resembles wrought iron surrounding your front yard area, with a gate that opens up to a paver walkway that leads to your front door. Who wouldn’t want to arrive home to a gorgeous front entrance such as this?

Various decorative accessories are available if you want to enhance the appearance even more. For example, you may choose to include a gate with a rounded top, ball caps added to fence posts, quad or tri finials added to the pickets, or even butterfly scrolls or circles added for a decorative effect. You will be sure to garner plenty of compliments about your beautiful front yard and aluminum fence.

Clear Visibility

One of the benefits of having aluminum fencing installed around your front yard is the clear visibility that it provides while also securing your property. You will be able to see your guests as they arrive or be aware of anyone lurking along the boundary of your property. If you had a full privacy fence, you wouldn’t be able to see either without having a camera system installed. This clear visibility will give you peace of mind.

If you have a gorgeous view just beyond your property lines, you can still appreciate its beauty when you have an aluminum fence. The slats along the fence will allow you to see the view and may even enhance what you see when you look outside.

Established Boundaries

Fencing can help establish the boundaries of your property. Aluminum fences clearly indicate that no one is allowed on your property unless they are invited. If you live on a busy street or an area where people are frequently walking along your property, this will help keep them off of your lawn. Fencing can also be helpful in uncomfortable situations where you have disrespectful neighbors who may try to encroach upon your property. The fence establishes the property line, so there is no confusion.


Aluminum fencing is relatively low maintenance and is highly durable. There is no painting required. You can generally expect the fence to last a long time and still maintain its appearance. Aluminum does not rust, so this is not an issue you will need to be concerned with either. These fences are known to be highly resistant to various weather conditions, including wind.


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