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What Material Is a Great Choice for Commercial Fencing in the Essex Fells, NJ, Area

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Whether your Essex Fells, NJ, business needs commercial fencing to secure your property, to establish boundaries, for added privacy, or for aesthetic reasons, there are numerous types and styles of fencing to choose from. A local fencing store will likely be able to show you real life samples of the fences so you can get a good idea of what they look like to determine if one material over another would be a good fit for your commercial property. Here are some of the fencing types that you may want to consider for your commercial property.

What Material Is a Great Choice for Commercial Fencing in the Essex Fells, NJ, Area

Chain Link Fencing

You likely see chain link fencing frequently, whether on commercial properties or residential properties. This is for good reason. Not only are chain link fences quick to install, but they are an economical option that is durable and has a timeless aesthetic.

Chain link fencing is a great choice for security fencing and is available in different heights for various purposes. For applications such as jail and prison yards, barbed wire can be added at the top to prevent climbing over the fence.

The fence height you are allowed to use will depend upon local codes. If you hire a local fencing contractor to install a fence for you, they will know the local codes and acquire the necessary permits for the job, making it easy for you.

Aesthetically, chain link fences are available in a variety of colors that can help meet your personal style preferences. Some of the options may include traditional galvanized chain link, black vinyl coated, brown vinyl coated, or green vinyl coated. There are also privacy accessories available including winged privacy slats, top lock slats, and permahedge slats that make your chain link fence look like a natural hedge. These features can transform your chain link fence into a privacy fence.

Aluminum Fencing

The timeless look of aluminum fencing makes it a popular fencing option in a variety of applications. It has the look of wrought iron fencing but without the upkeep. It’s lightweight, highly durable, and practically maintenance free.

Oftentimes, aluminum fencing is used as a pool fence in homeowners associations. You can also add a gated entrance with your aluminum fencing to help control access to your business property.

Aluminum fencing is often available in black and white. There are accessories available to add character and style, such as decorative post toppers or scrolls. Numerous fence styles with varying picket styles are also available.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a great option for commercial fencing. You can achieve the traditional look of a painted white fence, but without the upkeep. Whether you want full-visibility, full-privacy, or partial-privacy, there is a vinyl fence option that will accommodate.

Vinyl fencing is often used around housing communities and community pool houses. These fences are available in numerous style options that will meet your desired design aesthetic.

These fences are often available in a variety of colors including white, tan, and brown, and some finishes even resemble natural wood. You may even choose a dual-tone vinyl fencing option. The great part about vinyl is that they don’t require painting and they won’t peel.


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