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Is an Aluminum Fence a Secure Option for Commercial Fencing in Orange County, NY?

Updated: May 5, 2022

If the addition or rebuild of a fence is part of the next steps in your commercial landscape renovation and you’re “on the fence” about materials, read on. You may be wondering: Is an aluminum fence a secure option for commercial fencing in Orange County, NY? Aluminum fencing can be one of the best fencing choices you can make for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Here’s why.

Is an Aluminum Fence a Secure Option for Commercial Fencing in Orange County, NY?

Long-Lasting Strength

Aluminum is one of the strongest fencing materials and it is quickly replacing wrought iron as a preferred choice. It won’t rust, its lifespan is significantly longer. This enables the structure of an aluminum fence to be hollow in most cases. The spacing in between individual pickets has another advantage as well. During times of strong winds or excessive snow, vinyl or wood fences can fall victim to the extreme weather due to increased pressure. With plenty of space for air and snow to pass through, aluminum fences will withstand even extreme weather.

The Granite aluminum fence from ActiveYards is a strong structure despite its open and “lightweight” look. The design of Granite enables all pieces of this fence to work together to create a barrier that will last for generations.

Security without Sacrificing Elegance

One of the biggest reasons wrought iron became so popular throughout the centuries was because it was relied on by the wealthiest homeowners to provide an impenetrable yet elegant barrier. The ornate styles of wrought iron were perfected by fence builders and became emblematic of a specific lifestyle. Even as aluminum replaced wrought iron as the preferred material, ornate styles were still more popular.

Today, there are many more modern styles available to consider, which makes aluminum fencing incredibly versatile. It’s equally at home surrounding a business center car park as it is an apartment complex pool or a rec center play area—whatever the design aesthetic of the building and the space.

Traditional styles and modern design can blend together in a fence such as the Amethyst model from ActiveYards. The gentle curves and elegant presence of Amethyst can make an incredible mark on the feeling of a landscape, paying tribute to the beauty of wrought iron and looking well into the future.

Security with a View

The security function of an aluminum fence shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice the views. Because of the relatively thin pickets, you can enjoy uninterrupted views through the fence, especially if you choose the darker colors.

The outstanding Bedrock model from ActiveYards features no-climb uninterrupted vertical pickets that eliminate any places to climb for pets, children, and of course potential intruders. This makes them excellent fences for pools, apartment building security, and pet containment areas.

Minimal Maintenance

Aside from weight (which makes installation easier than wrought iron), a primary reason to choose aluminum fencing is that unlike wrought iron which must be painted every couple of years, aluminum fencing requires no maintenance. The colors are impervious to weathering, and aluminum fences will never rust or corrode. This will significantly reduce your commercial landscaping maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of the fence.


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