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5 Areas Where an Aluminum Fence Works Well in Rockland County, NY

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

The aluminum fence has become an essential component of so many homes and other properties, and that’s because aluminum is incredibly versatile and adaptable to many different fencing applications. Aluminum has very few drawbacks and practically zero maintenance needs when it comes to fencing, so it’s no wonder that this fencing material has been gaining ground for years. As you consider the benefits of aluminum, here are five areas where an aluminum fence can work well in Rockland County, NY.

5 Areas Where an Aluminum Fence Works Well in Rockland County, NY

The Perimeter

Aluminum fences are incredibly strong against all sorts of forces, both natural and manmade. The metal is just as strong as steel. Aluminum fences are typically arranged using vertical bars as pickets, which makes the fence difficult to climb. This makes the aluminum fence secure for children and pets.

When it comes to holding up against weather, aluminum fences have an advantage over many other fence types. Since an aluminum fence has plenty of space between pickets for air to pass through, the strongest winds will not affect the structure. Large snow drifts during the winter will likewise not affect the fence, as they could a vinyl or wood privacy fence. Your perimeter aluminum fence will hold up against practically everything.

Another benefit that aluminum fences have over other fence types in a perimeter fence application is that they have the ability to become practically invisible at a distance, especially when you choose dark colors. This will help to keep the view looking as natural as possible as you and your friends and family enjoy your landscape.

The Garden

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants are often the favorite snack for many different types of animals. Deer, birds, and rodents are opportunists and will often become determined to take what your garden has to offer. A sturdy aluminum fence can help protect your garden from intruders by offering a solid structure that you can further bolster with mesh screens or chicken wire. There are even many decorative options such as fences with a double-picket bottom with more closely spaced pickets that can keep smaller critters out of your vegetables.

Pet Containment

Aluminum fences are excellent choices for pet containment areas. When built high enough, an aluminum fence can thwart the escape attempts of even the highest jumping dogs—or for that matter, domestic animals such as goats or horses. You’ll rest easy knowing that your pets are safe inside their designated areas when unsupervised. The fence will also allow these pets to have a nearly full view of the surrounding area, helping them to feel less stuck or stressed in many cases.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools pose a potential danger to unsupervised children and pets. A fence around the pool will keep the vulnerable ones out of the pool area until you allow them in. Depending on the design style of your pool, there is a variety of aluminum fence designs that will elevate the space.

Backyard Charm

The entrance and exit points to your landscape are opportunities to install an aluminum fence and gate system. Whether it’s a sliding gate at the end of your driveway for security, a swinging garden gate that welcomes guests to your front door, or a side gate to a special spot in your landscape, there are plenty of beautiful gate designs that pair with aluminum fences. You can even personalize your gate in a special way just like the most elegant mansions.


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