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Choosing the Right Fence Company Near Me to Install a Vinyl Fence in Rockland County, NY Area

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Finding the right company to handle your fence project is a critical step that can affect the function and beauty of your Rockland County, NY, landscape as well as your pocketbook. There are many companies out there that can install your fence, but their quality of installation can unfortunately vary widely. The true and trustworthy professionals will show themselves as long as you pay attention to a few strategies. Here’s a guide on choosing the “right fence company near me” to install a vinyl fence.

A Great Portfolio of Past Fencing Projects

Experienced professionals tend to proudly show their previous work as a pedigree of excellence. Checking out a company’s website will show the results of their work. Pay particular attention to the variety of vinyl fence projects they have completed—you don’t want to be the host of a fencing contractor’s first project in vinyl fencing.

Satisfied Customers

Many times after a project is over, former customers will be so happy with the finished project that they’ll be glad to recommend the company. Ask the company you’re researching if there are any places where you can view their work in person with the permission of a satisfied customer. If you’re looking up reviews on search engines, you want to be cautious as people post reviews for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes reviews that fall in the middle can be the most telling and may appear to be the most truthful. Pay attention to how the company resolves any problems and look for customers that had the work done a few years ago if possible, so you can see how the fence will last through the years.

Partnerships, Licenses, and Insurance

Strong business partnerships with manufacturers can indicate the professional commitment and credibility of a company. Licenses demonstrate that a company has passed inspection by the local and state government and is legally allowed to operate on your property. And perhaps most crucially important to your peace of mind, make sure that a company has current, detailed, and paid insurance in case any accidents occur during the job. If the company is uninsured, you as the property owner could be held reliable for any injury or damage on your property.

Options for Your Fence Project

Be sure that a fence company can handle both stock vinyl fence installation (such as ActiveYards vinyl fence products) as well as custom work that may be necessary to overcome site challenges.

A Detailed Warranty

The project done on your property should be guaranteed long after the work is done through a detailed warranty. If you come across companies that are not willing to guarantee their work, you may not want to trust them. Make sure to go over every detail and ask questions of your potential fence installation contractor.

Constant Communication

A true mark of professionalism is constant communication to make sure that any problem can be quickly worked out. If a vinyl fencing company isn’t returning your calls, texts, or emails in a timely manner, then you may want to move on to another. The company that checks in on you before, during, and after the project is one that is truly professional.


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