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Why a Fence Company Near Me Recommends ActiveYards in the Mendham and Franklin Lakes, NJ, Areas

Do you find yourself wondering why a “fence company near me” may recommend ActiveYards for a new fence? In the Mendham and Franklin Lakes, NJ, areas and beyond, this fence manufacturer runs by the rule of three: shop, select, and then undergo the fence installation process. The ease of use, low-maintenance requirements, and variety of styles makes ActiveYards fences a good fit for many landscapes.

Why a Fence Company Near Me Recommends ActiveYards in the Mendham and Franklin Lakes, NJ, Areas

Where to Shop

Picking a new fence can be a daunting task. With so many options for styles and materials, it can be overwhelming to make sure you pick the best options for your needs. By narrowing your choice to ActiveYards fences offered by Jan Fence, you can follow an easy-to-follow process. From safety and security to privacy to curb appeal, you can look at an extensive range of fence styles and materials based on your main priority, whether that’s safety, security, privacy, or setting a boundary line.

There are different ways to start the process for an ActiveYards fence. If you enjoy browsing online, Jan Fence has an efficient and informative website featuring ActiveYards fences that can give you a starting point, and then you can follow up with Jan Fence with questions and see the materials in person for yourself. The fence installation experts at the showroom can walk you through the process of deciding on what fence solution is right for you. There is also the option of starting out with a consultation at your home and getting insights from a fence installation expert on what your best options would be. From there, you could visit the showroom and finalize your decision.

Selecting the Fence

Once you have chosen the type of material that would be appropriate for your new fence, such as wood, chain link, aluminum, or vinyl, you could further narrow down your choices based on the different grades of fence that ActiveYards offers. The fences basically look the same but have slight variations that result in different price points. These grades allow you to pick the fence that best fits your preferences and your budget.

The Installation Process

Finally, once your choice has been, the installation process can begin. Jan Fence will need to visit your home to measure your yard, confirm your fence style choice, and schedule time for the pros to come out and install the fence.

Depending on how far along you are in your decision process, Jan Fence can help at every step along the way, in terms of weighing the pros and cons of the various fencing materials, and where your fence should go. Often the choice will depend on whether you are looking for full privacy or simply security and a desire to retain the view. Price points are often a factor as well, of course. Our pros can help you decide and get you on our schedule for installing your new ActiveYards fence.


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