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How Long Does a Chain Link Fence Installation Take in the Mendham, NJ, area?

When you’re ready for a chain link fence installation in the Mendham, NJ, area, the turnaround time is likely on your mind. Fence installation is a large project with many moving parts. When planning for your new fence, it’s important to know what the process looks like, what you can expect from a fence company, and when you can start enjoying your latest landscape addition.

How Long Does a Chain Link Fence Installation Take in the Mendham, NJ, area?

Finding the Right Fencing Contractor

When hiring a company to install your fence, you want to make sure they are knowledgeable and will work in tandem with you every step of the way. You can start by looking for a contractor that understands your landscape and any considerations that would go into an installation on your property. By identifying what services they have, like navigating the permitting process and verifiable insurance, you can ensure the fence contractor is the right fit for your needs.

The right fencing contractor will communicate effectively, share their expertise, and ensure the style and design of your fence meets your needs. You can refer to online ratings and accreditations for even more information. For a deeper dive, you can ask the fencing contractor for references that they completed projects for previously.


You can avoid some awkward conversations by speaking to your neighbors in advance about your fence installations. By bringing in neighboring properties to the conversation early, you can likely avoid any future disputes.

A site survey can be another important first step for your new fence. This site survey, in conjunction with speaking with neighbors, can give more accurate information about property lines and zoning. Having these conversations early will benefit you and your fence contractor, by reducing any roadblocks that might slow down progress.

Materials Ordering

To know how much fence you will need and how it will look, your fence contractor will need to conduct a site visit. These site visits are generally for a representative of the contractor to physically walk the property and take measurements. This representative may also talk to you about your needs and what style you prefer. At this point, the fence contractor will likely work with you to produce a detailed fence plan with gate locations and any special features.


Your location, involvement in an homeowner’s association, and local approval process can all impact the amount of time a fence installation will take. You or your fence contractor may need to apply for a permit before installation can begin. This permitting process can take a few days or a few weeks. This is also a good time to contact utility companies to do a site visit and identify any underground utility lines. For this step, plan for anywhere from four days to four weeks.


The most involved part of the process, the installation of a chain link fence by a fencing contractor crew can be quicker than anticipated. The professionals begin by establishing where fence posts will go and marking those out. After setting these posts, you will start to see your fencing come together. The expert installation team will work seamlessly to ensure accuracy on all elements, bringing your dream to life. The final result should be a fence installed correctly, true to the plan you agreed upon with your fence contractor.


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