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These Fencing Trends Can Be Adopted This Year by a Fence Company Near Me in Orange County, NY

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Over the past year, most people found themselves spending significantly more time at home, which brought to light all kinds of issues with their current landscaping. Installing or upgrading fencing was a big trend last year, and the trend is expected to continue, as homeowners spend more time and resources on creating outdoor spaces they will more thoroughly enjoy. Searching for “a fence company near me” for your Orange County, NY, home? Fencing is a big part of enjoying outdoor spaces when you need to feel safe or secluded from others, so you’ll want to know about these trends.

These Fencing Trends Can Be Adopted This Year by a Fence Company Near Me in Orange County, NY

Contemporary Fencing

Clean lines, minimalist design, and a trending preference toward natural-looking materials (wood or a wood look) help create a soothing backyard sanctuary where people can comfortably unplug and feel themselves. True relaxation, of course, requires privacy—no one wants to be relaxing in a fishbowl of a backyard.

Some contemporary fencing is trending toward horizontal lines, and minimal fencing, with an effect that more closely resembles a screen than a traditional fence.

True privacy fencing, where the boards have no spacing between them, are also trending toward the horizontal rather than vertical. With that said, contemporary design often incorporates design themes from different eras. This means you have more design choice flexibility.

Custom Fences

For artistic effect (such as mixed-material fences) or for overcoming site challenges that traditional fencing may not address, many homeowners are opting for custom fencing. Ultimately, a custom solution can be a much more valuable long-term solution because you are getting exactly what you want. Rely on fencing experts who can guide you on choosing an appropriate fence solution, depending on your primary needs, source it from a reputable fencing dealer, and install it with efficiency, so that you can enjoy your new fence during the peak outdoor season.

Low-Maintenance Fences

Low-maintenance fencing is a hot trend, and for this reason, vinyl and aluminum fencing is becoming ever more popular.

Today’s vinyl fencing is a vast improvement over years past and is available in an array of styles to suit any decor—including a wood-grain look that works beautifully with chic modern spaces. Modern vinyl fencing is durable, and it won’t warp, crack, or discolor—and you will not have to be concerned with future needs to paint or stain it.

Aluminum fencing has taken over where wrought iron fencing used to rule: for home security, and for pool safety. Aluminum is lighter than iron, just as strong, and it will not rust. As with vinyl, you will not have to paint an aluminum fence. Given its weather resistance, a good aluminum fence can long outlast wrought iron. Aluminum fencing is also available in many styles to complement your design theme.

Outdoor Lighting Incorporated Into Fencing

Today’s outdoor lighting designs often disguise light fixtures in various landscape features—including fences. Uplights positioned along the base of a privacy fence add dimension after dark, as well as ambient light as the light gently reflects off the surface of the fence.

Uplighting works very well with vertically oriented boards; with horizontal boards, you’ll get more of a textured effect. Downlights installed at the top rail of a fence also offer illumination and add security to a property.


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