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What Vinyl Fence Installation Companies Want You to Know In Essex Fells and Saddle River, NJ

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

As you plan out a new fence on your property, you may be considering using vinyl as a fencing material. This material has many advantages over wood, aluminum, and chain link. When it comes to design and installation, there are many design options and a streamlined process, as any vinyl fence installation company is likely to tell you in Essex Fells and Saddle River, NJ.

What Vinyl Fence Installation Companies Want You to Know In Essex Fells and Saddle River, NJ

Precise Manufacturing Means a Great Fence and Lasting Value

The biggest advantage of vinyl fencing is likely that each post, rail, and additional component of the fence is built to an incredibly accurate standard. This makes installation much faster, especially if you use fence panels from ActiveYards, which snap securely to posts without the need for lengthy fence-building processes. This solution also makes any necessary repairs down the road much easier. Vinyl (sometimes referred to as PVC fencing) is strong and durable and doesn’t need any kind of painting or sealant to protect the surface. Your fence will last for many years, helping to make your yard more secure and more beautiful.

What to Expect From the Installation

  • Site review: First, your fence installation company of choice may send an estimator to visit your property and walk the length of the fence, taking note of any potential obstacles or challenges along the way. They will measure the distance of the line of fencing and, based on your specifications of height and design style, will calculate an estimate of how much the project will cost.

  • Permits: If permits of your fencing project are required, this may take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the speed of the local office. Take this time to make any tweaks to the design of your fence and solidify a schedule with your contractor.

  • Installing posts: The contractors will measure where each fence post will be placed and dig a hole in exactly that spot. They will use precise measurements, as this is the most crucial stage of installation. Each post will be dug to a specific depth depending on the height of the fence, then filled with concrete. The posts will be measured again precisely to ensure that each post is above ground at exactly the right height and leveled to be perfectly vertical. After a few days, the concrete will be set and the next step can begin.

  • Installing rails: Vinyl fence panels are designed to “snap” into place, meaning that each post and rail will lock together as they’re married together. Your fencing contractors will install each section one at a time to ensure that that section is flawless before continuing.

  • Finishing touches: Depending on either your specifications or what’s needed for the design, the finishing touches will be applied after the rail installation. These include fence caps, gates, or any potential additions such as electrification wire. The fence will be thoroughly inspected during this time to look for flaws.

Maintenance and Repair

Vinyl is designed to last, and it will be virtually maintenance free for the existence of the fence. In the unusual event that something does occur to one section (i.e., a falling tree causes damage), that one section can be replaced, and your fence will look as good as new in a short amount of time.


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