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Beautifying Your Landscape: Ideas for Aluminum Fence Installation in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In finding the perfect fence for your landscape, you’ve likely come across the wonderful variations of an aluminum fence. With the modern technologies of aluminum fence manufacturing, so many designs are possible for any home application. Aluminum fences are proven to be beautiful, valuable, and practical additions to any landscape. Consider these ideas for an aluminum fence installation in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ.

Beautifying Your Landscape: Ideas for Aluminum Fence Installation in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ

Modern Applications

Manufacturers are constantly updating styles for aluminum fences. Since the mid-20th century, many modern homes follow a more minimalistic approach in design, by emphasizing long unbroken lines with very little ornamentation. These designs help dramatize wide open spaces and help make a space feel a little more organized. The aluminum fence can be ideal for this effect because the thin pickets allow for unobstructed views while offering security and safety for the home’s occupants. Choose fences that are as simple as possible to complement modern homes.

Traditional Applications

For many reasons, aluminum fencing is replacing the traditional wrought-iron fencing that was used for centuries. Wrought-iron often needs consistent painting every few years to avoid rust and is very expensive, heavy, and difficult to install. Aluminum fencing, on the other hand, is powder coated during manufacturing, which means permanent, flake-free color that eliminates the need for painting. Aluminum is also rust-resistant, much lighter, and easier to replace. For a rustic approach with ornate design, aluminum is clearly taking over as the fencing of choice to add stately beauty and security to traditional homes and estates.

Front Yard

The beauty and elegance of the aluminum fence can make it perfect for front yard applications. Not only does aluminum stand for generations without deteriorating or faltering, but it also provides a remarkable presence for a front yard. The opportunities for gates are far and wide: You can choose an ornate design for your gates or one that seamlessly blends with the rest of the fence. When visitors pass by your front yard, they’ll be assured that the homeowners are well-secured and have an elegant taste in design.

Pool Safety

Any homeowner with a pool knows that part of keeping a pool relaxing and enjoyable is keeping it safe for pets and children. Aluminum fences make fantastic pool area fences. These climb-proof, pet-proof fences will do an excellent job at keeping the vulnerable ones safe and unwanted guests out while blending into the surrounding landscape as a tasteful feature.

Pet Containment

To keep pets safe, they may need to be deterred from their urges to escape and explore. Aluminum fences are indisputable as wonderful pet containment fences, standing strong and unbreakable. The smooth surface offers no opportunity to climb. The pickets can’t be bent. An aluminum pet containment fence will either allow the pet to see everything through the fence, or a privacy screen can be set up.

Decorative Fencing

Beyond the requirements for safety and security, the many designs of aluminum fencing allow for the wonderful opportunity of using it as a decorative feature while protecting front yard flower gardens from hungry deer or offering up a tasteful barrier for the edge of a property. Aluminum fences can even mimic the classic white picket fence look that’s been a staple of many American homes. While black does a great job of blending in with the surrounding landscape, a white aluminum decorative fence can stand out as a focal point.


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