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Tips From a Fence Contractor in the Franklin Lakes, NJ, Area for Choosing a Fencing Style

If the fencing materials selection for your Franklin Lakes, NJ, area property seems overwhelming, a fence contractor can help you make the best selection for your needs. Each fence type can work well in a variety of outdoor spaces, but you might have a certain fence style in mind for your landscape. These tips from a fence contractor can guide your decision and deliver the results you seek.

Tips From a Fence Contractor in the Franklin Lakes, NJ, Area for Choosing a Fencing Style

Aluminum Fencing

When you want a durable, high-end look for your fence, aluminum can be the way to go. Aluminum fencing options come in black and white finishes, which can complement any home style, from traditional to contemporary to farmhouse.

The finish can look like iron but aluminum offers more resilience without the custom iron price. The array of design styles can give you many options to add security and privacy to your outdoor areas without having to look at a tall wood fence that mars the view from your yard.

Chain Link Fencing

There are times when you need the long-lasting qualities that chain link fencing affords. Chain line fences can contain large dogs that have a tendency to try to get out of the fence, protect valuable machinery, and keep kids safe in a play yard.

If you want the sturdiness that a chain link fence offers but would rather make it less noticeable, you can add privacy slats to convert the appearance to a more residential look. There is no doubt that the chain link fence offers security and a life-long perimeter around an outdoor space.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing comes in a vast array of colors and styles to match your landscape aesthetic. You can choose from a wood-look vinyl fence with black accents or a rail-type fence that creates the perfect boundary around your backyard.

There are picket-style fences that can add a cottage-type appeal to your front yard, complete with posts and caps that evoke a charming appearance. Vinyl fences can incorporate matching gates to offer access into and out of an outdoor space.

When you want more privacy than pickets and ranch rails provide, choose a privacy fence with a decorative top accent.

Wood Fencing

Classic wood fencing can create the perfect accent for your landscape. Because a fencing company crafts the wood fence in their shop, you won’t have to worry about warped pickets or rough splinters.

You can choose pickets, split rails, and full-privacy wood fences for securing the backyard and defining the front yard. Wood fences never go out of style and can allow your fence to blend perfectly with the natural surroundings.

Custom Fencing

Would you like to incorporate your monogram into the fence gate that opens into the front landscape of your home? Does your ideal fence have an automatic gate you can open and close from your car?

Does your property have a number of hilly areas where you need just the right fence to define the border but not make it look like a compound? This is where the expertise of a skilled fencing company can solve your landscape problems with the perfect fence.

Since they offer an array of fencing options for any property, you can be sure they have one that can accomplish what you envision for your landscape.


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