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When Might a Fence Contractor Recommend Temporary Fencing in the Essex Fells and Mendham, NY, Areas?

A fence that is installed by a fence contractor for only for a short period of time in the Essex Fells or Mendham, NJ areas is called a temporary fence. This durable and reusable temporary fencing tends to be quick to install and easy to take down. It’s a flexible solution that many institutions, communities, and corporations find useful. It’s generally used when permanent fencing isn’t an option or if you only need a fence for a short amount of time.

When Might a Fence Contractor Recommend Temporary Fencing in the Essex Fells and Mendham, NY, Areas?

This fencing is often installed without digging post holes, but rather the fence is held in place with concrete blocks or sandbags. However, there are some circumstances when digging temporary post holes is necessary. A fence contractor might recommend a temporary fence in various situations.

Construction Sites

Temporary fencing at a construction site serves a couple of purposes. First, it creates a boundary that keeps people out of a potentially dangerous area that’s under construction. Secondly, it helps prevent theft.

A temporary fence can be a great way to help secure construction equipment and materials, which are worth a lot of money and prone to theft. Sometimes insurance companies will require temporary fencing to be set up to help keep insurance claims down, both in regard to theft and injury.

Keeping safety as a top priority is essential on construction sites. In an area where you may have moving equipment and heavy machinery, uneven ground, and buildings under construction, keeping the average person out of the work area is important.


While it may not be considered an actual construction site, an area where a remodel is taking place can be just as dangerous. For example, you may be having an addition built onto your home, or you may be having an inground pool built in your backyard. A temporary fence can keep your children out of the area and away from dangerous equipment or far from a steep drop where a hole is being dug.

If you’re having sodding installed on your property, you might benefit from a temporary fence, as it can help keep animals off your property that might accidentally cause damage. You might also want to keep your own pets out of muddy areas of your property where sodding has not been installed yet, and a temporary fence can help create a boundary.

Weddings & Events

Outdoor weddings often require temporary fencing. This is one way that you can ensure that your event limits access so not just anyone can walk into your party. A temporary fence can also help add privacy.

If you’ve ever attended a large outdoor event, such as a concert, you’ve likely seen temporary fencing set up. This helps control access to the event but can also be used to help direct the flow of traffic throughout the space and for crowd control. It is also used for temporary parking configurations.


Temporary fencing is often set up at bike races, 5Ks, and marathons to help keep people off of the race path. These fences can help mark the race path and also create designated spaces throughout the event area. For example, temporary fencing could be set up to help differentiate different makeshift rooms, such as a registration area or spectator seating area.


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