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How to Prepare for a Vinyl Fence Installation in Westchester County, NY

Updated: May 5, 2022

A fence can add privacy and security, define your property’s boundaries, and prevent your neighbors’ pets from doing their business in your yard. One popular choice is vinyl fencing. When you hire a professional fence company to install a vinyl fence, you’ll get a professional result that will look beautiful and stand the test of time. It’s a good idea to know what to expect in a fence project. Before you start on your new fence project, let’s take a look at how to prepare for a vinyl fence installation in Westchester County, NY.

How to Prepare for a Vinyl Fence Installation in Westchester County, NY

Design and Planning

Planning is everything. A well-planned fence will not only look good where the land is flat and relatively easy to work on; it will also look good and function perfectly in areas where the land is not flat. Good design will ensure that your pets won’t squeeze under a fence that hugs the slope, and that the fence itself looks professionally installed.

The style of the fence is important too. Experienced fence installers can help guide your design decisions to ensure your fence complements your home and landscape.


The exact location of the fence posts means everything for the look and the structural integrity of a vinyl fence. Professional fence installers will use calibrated equipment to quickly and accurately measure fence post and gate post locations. They will also accurately measure the entire span of the fence, to ensure that the right amount of materials are ordered.

Zoning and Permits

Some municipalities require permits for perimeter fencing. A professional fence installation company is familiar with local regulations and they can submit plans and drawings to the authorities. Without a permit, you risk fines, angry neighbors, and other unpleasant consequences.

Preparing the Ground

The area where the fence will be installed must be prepared before installation begins. This includes debris removal and trimming plants that could get in the way of the new fence. A professional fence installer will take care to ensure that any desired trees and shrubs are not damaged during fence installation.

Digging Post Holes

Depending on what’s underfoot, digging post holes can be a swift or laborious process. A professional fence installer knows how to deal with rocky soil, rock outcrops, wet areas, and other challenges.

Installing the Fence

The posts are the most important component of any fence. Incorrect spacing can lead to an ugly fence; and poorly installed posts will hurt the integrity of the fence.

Vinyl fences from ActiveYards involve pre-built fence panels that snap securely into place onto the posts, which speeds up the installation process and allows for no visible connection hardware for a cleaner look.

Installing Gates and Final Steps

Gates need to be perfectly hung to be able to swing open and shut. Fence installation professionals have the skills and knowledge needed to make sure a gate is installed correctly.

Once all of the installation work is done, your fence installers will add finishing touches such as post caps to mark the completion of your fence.

Ultimately, having a professional fence installer do the work can end up being a cost-savings measure. A team of professionals can knock out a fence project in a fraction of the time it would take the average homeowner.


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