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Create a New Look for Your Backyard With a Vinyl Fence in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ

There’s a good reason why so many American homeowners opt for vinyl when they’re deciding which fencing material to use. Vinyl fences have proven to be strong and effective in securing a property while adding to the beauty of a landscape and the home. With so many design options and expert vinyl fence installation specialists, look no further to create a new look for your backyard than with a vinyl fence in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ.

Create a New Look for Your Backyard With a Vinyl Fence in Franklin Lakes and Mendham, NJ

Vinyl has been used as a fencing material since the 1980s when it was used in agricultural applications, specifically for containing horses and other livestock. It then transitioned into the design of ranch-style homes in rural areas since vinyl could do the same job as wood as a fencing material while being much longer-lasting. Vinyl is quickly becoming one of the favorite fencing materials of many American homeowners and contractors.

Manufacturing Advantages

Vinyl fence manufacturers create the components of a fence using molds in order to perfectly shape each piece. This process ensures the quality of each piece of the fence as well as an ease of replacement when a piece is broken by accident. Jan Fence features ActiveYards fences; the panels are created to attach to each other with a snap, enabling a much faster installation process than other fencing materials.

Longevity and Maintenance

Vinyl is colored during manufacturing, removing the need to paint your fence every couple of years. Although the classic white tends to be the most popular, vinyl can also mimic the look of painted or stained wood. The permanence of color is a significant draw for many homeowners.

Other than cleaning, vinyl does not need any regular maintenance and can outlast most wood fences. Modern vinyl fencing is resistant to yellowing from UV rays and won’t rot, shrink, or warp. Your fence could look fresh a decade from the date it was installed.

Modern and Throwback Styles

Vinyl is available in a wide variety of styles. Classic fences such as the white picket fence may be much more durable when vinyl is chosen over wood without sacrificing the look of the fence. Today, you have the choice of wide pickets for a more traditional look, or narrow pickets for a clean modern aesthetic.

Vinyl fences can even be imprinted with a faux wood grain to have that rustic visual texture without the need to chop down any more trees. Modern privacy fencing, for example, could feature the look of painted wood, stained wood, or even two-toned stained wood for a fresh contemporary look.

No matter the design aesthetics of your backyard, vinyl can make a fantastic contribution to the entire property. Modern vinyl fencing styles include privacy fencing evoking wood texture, livestock fences that would fit on a ranch, or purely decorative fences that encircle a lively garden.

When you combine vinyl’s design versatility, ease of maintenance, and durability, you can confidently choose vinyl. Jan Fence has the product catalog and the expert installation capabilities you need for securing the best vinyl fence for your home. Before you know it, your backyard will be more beautiful and feel more secure.


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