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How a Fence Contractor Can Help You With Finding the Right Materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ

A huge part of building a fence is finding the right material that will complement the home and landscape, perform its intended function, and fit in with the homeowner’s lifestyle. Some fence materials are more versatile than others, and the style choices can be overwhelming. That’s how a fence contractor can help you with finding the right materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

How a Fence Contractor Can Help You With Finding the Right Materials in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Fine-Tuning Your Needs

Fence contractors will leverage their knowledge and years of experience to offer the best solutions. It all starts with understanding your needs as well as the challenges that a fence may present in the landscape.

As part of your consultation process, a fence contractor may talk with you about all your practical needs. You may want a fence primarily to enhance home security. Or you may want to increase privacy in your outdoor living spaces. You may need to contain your pets and keep your kids safe. You may need to safeguard your pool or prevent animals from decimating your vegetable garden. Or you may simply want a decorative fence on the street-facing side of your property or around a garden.

Preserving or Blocking Views

One of the biggest considerations is how best to either preserve a gorgeous view or block an unattractive one. You may be interested in blocking certain views to add privacy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean using a privacy fence all the way around. A fence contractor will consider how the fence will look in each section of your landscape—where you need privacy, and which side you would like to leave open so you can take in the view. Even if your intent is straightforward, such as “privacy”—should you go with a full-height solid privacy fence or one with a decorative lattice top? Your contractor can help.

Fence contractors may suggest using different types of fencing throughout the landscape, and then, the challenge becomes how to create a cohesive and well-designed look.

Maintenance for the Fence

It’s true, some fences do need to be maintained every few years. A fence contractor will weigh every option when it comes to maintaining your fence, or even not maintaining it at all. Vinyl and aluminum fences, for instance, do not need any sort of regular maintenance other than light cleaning during their entire lifespan. Wood and wrought iron, on the other hand, need to be stained or painted every few years in order to preserve the material and prevent deterioration. If you’d rather skip the chore of fence maintenance, a fence contractor will know exactly what to recommend.

Fence Styles That Complement Your Home

A fence ideally will fit with the home’s aesthetics. If your preferred material is not ideal for your home, there are alternatives that could work. In determining the right fence materials, a fence contractor may consider the architecture and time period of your home as a starting point. A small decorative white picket fence could look out of place when standing in front of an ultramodern home, for instance.


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