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How Commercial Fencing Can Protect Your Business’s Property in Orange County and Rockland County, NY

Updated: May 11, 2023

Business owners and commercial property owners are always looking for cost-effective ways to secure their commercial property and ensure the safety of employees, customers, tenants, and visitors. Increasing security around any commercial property, whether it’s a warehouse or an apartment building, is increasingly important. Here’s how commercial fencing can protect your business’s property in Orange County and Rockland County, NY.

Commercial Fencing Rockland County NY - Commercial Fencing Orange County NY

Residential Buildings and Complexes

Residents of apartment buildings and condo complexes tend to appreciate extra security, especially since many residential buildings or complexes do not have secured parking areas (typically, only pools and playgrounds have any security fencing). A chain-link fence with privacy slats or aluminum security fence can keep intruders out, and help protect tenants and their personal property.

New Construction

Construction zones are dangerous and unattractive. While some commercial property owners use temporary construction fencing, another option is a permanent privacy fence. A privacy fence can provide protection and shield a view of the project area; and, unlike temporary construction fencing, it can remain in place permanently as a desired feature to provide privacy and security to residential and commercial properties.

Pool Safety

Residential complexes that feature pools and/or hot tubs are attractive for tenants—and, unfortunately, neighborhood kids. When pool safety fencing is too low—to the point where neighborhood teens can easily climb over—then a better solution is needed to address privacy and safety concerns. Privacy fencing around a pool area makes the space feel more secluded; or taller aluminum fencing (which mimics a wrought-iron look) can provide security while maintaining an open, spacious look.

Enhanced Restaurant Atmosphere

Outdoor dining is one of the great joys of summer. But if a patio or garden space is too exposed to passersby and traffic, or if the property is being vandalized after hours, then an attractive security fence could be the ideal solution. Whether it’s chain-link fencing with privacy slats, an aluminum security fence with an attached wind screen, or a vinyl privacy fence, diners will enjoy a more intimate dining atmosphere, and the restaurant will enjoy enhanced security.

Dumpster Security

It’s not uncommon for commercial dumpsters to be filled with trash that doesn’t belong to the building’s occupants. Security fencing around the dumpster will prevent illegal dumping by unauthorized individuals.

Single Point of Access

Businesses are more secure when there is a single point of access. Having many points of access could make it easier for people to commit crimes and escape quickly. Daycare facilities, manufacturing facilities, auto body shops, garden centers, and stone yards are more secure when access is restricted. A chain-link fence or an aluminum fence helps minimize trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other dangers.

Dog Kennels

Dog boarding kennels need secure fencing around each enclosure as well as any outdoor play areas, both for the safety of passers-by as well as the safety of the dogs. Chain-link fencing is the most economical, but installing privacy fencing along the perimeter can also contribute to a better neighborhood atmosphere, as the boarded dogs won’t be over-stimulated by goings-on outside of the property.


No security fence system is complete without a gate. Whether it is keypad-activated, operated by security personnel, or simply padlocked and opened and shut manually, a gate adds the extra level of security needed to protect your commercial property and its occupants and contents.


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