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How a Fence Company Near Me Ensures Privacy for Backyards in Mendham and Saddle River, NJ

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

When building a fence on your property, your first consideration is likely going to be security. Privacy is one of the aspects of security that a fence can provide, and there are many different designs that can enhance privacy for your home and landscape. You probably want to consider several options of your favorite fence designs when deciding on your perfect privacy fence. Here’s how “a fence company near me” ensures privacy for backyards in Mendham and Saddle River, NJ.

How a Fence Company Near Me Ensures Privacy for Backyards in Mendham and Saddle River, NJ

The Picket Fence: An American Classic

One of the classic American images of a home involves the white picket fence. Not only is the picket fence aesthetically pleasing, but it can also provide a great deal of security as well as a measure of privacy for your home depending on the height of the fence, picket sizes, and picket spacing. If you want some privacy without a solid “wall” feeling, this could be the way to go, especially if you have a traditional home. Picket fences are built with a variety of designs on their top ends. They also provide a great opportunity for a creative and quaint gate for your front walkway.

A common material for modern privacy fencing is vinyl. The material is extremely low-maintenance, strong, and long-lasting. Some vinyl fences are designed to mimic the look of wood, but without the frequent sealing or painting that’s necessary with wood fences. You can’t paint a vinyl fence if you want to change the color of your home, but vinyl fences are manufactured in a variety of colors to complement different design styles.

The Horizontal Privacy Fence: A Modern Interpretation

In keeping with a modern aesthetic, some homeowners are choosing to build privacy fences using horizontal pickets rather than vertical. This style of fence gives your property a sleek contemporary edge while providing privacy.

A “shadow box” approach places boards on alternating sides of the central rail to create an overlapping pattern. This look is the same on both sides and while it provides privacy, it’s a more dimensional look than a solid fence where the boards are placed side by side.

A Lattice Top Fence

Solid on the bottom and light and airy on top: What could be better for giving your backyard the privacy you want, without feeling boxed in? A variety of lattice tops gives you the opportunity to customize your privacy fence to match your design aesthetic.

A Solid Privacy Fence

While solid privacy fences (where the pickets touch each other) could give you the most privacy, you may want to explore a variety of color and style options. These fences could include horizontal pickets and contrasting posts.

Vinyl tends to be more expensive than wood, which may be offset by the absolutely minimal amount of maintenance they need. In continued cold weather, vinyl can become brittle and crack or break under abnormal pressure.

Chain Link: The Underdog

You may not think of chain link as a type of privacy fence; rather, it is often primarily viewed as a budget-friendly fence for security and pet containment. However, you can add faux wood or faux foliage slats that slide between the links. Or a privacy screen could be draped across the length of the fence to make your backyard feel like a true sanctuary.

Dress Up Your Fence

Any privacy fence could be dressed up with some flourishes, both inside and outside—planters for flowers or herbs to help enhance your culinary range, and non-invasive vines or other climbing vines could be allowed to soften the look and create a green wall.


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