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How a Fence Company Near Me Can Prioritize a Safe Landscape in Mendham, NJ

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Safety is always a top concern in any landscape. One of the ways to increase safety is to add a fence—and there are many ways a fence can help. Here’s how “a fence company near me” can prioritize a safe landscape in Mendham, NJ.

How a Fence Company Near Me Can Prioritize a Safe Landscape in Mendham, NJ

1. Pool and Spa Safety

Kids and water go together, but only when the kids are safe. Keeping kids out of a pool or spa area is the simplest way to prevent accidents. Our aluminum pool safety fencing features a no-climb design and kid-proof latches, as well as designs that harmonize with the landscape. The main advantage of aluminum fencing is that it won’t rust in a wet environment. It also provides an unobstructed view of the pool as well as the surrounding landscape.

Another option to use around the pool is privacy fencing, which can do double-duty in securing the area while creating a serene, private backyard getaway. Vinyl privacy fencing options can be traditional or modern in their styling, with a variety of colors and color combinations to suit any design aesthetic.

2. Pet Containment

Probably nothing is more heart-wrenching than to have a treasured pet run out into the street and get hit by a car. Pet containment fences give you peace of mind while giving your pets plenty of space to run and play in safety.

Like pool safety, pet containment can be accomplished with the intent of preserving a view, or creating privacy.

In the front yard, aluminum security fencing will keep your pets safe and add a stylish look to the home. In the backyard, you could use vinyl privacy fencing, chain link fencing, or continue the aluminum security fence all the way around.

Chain link fencing is not always considered the most attractive type of fence, but it’s surprisingly adaptable to a variety of situations. In a heavily wooded or lushly landscaped setting, a dark chain link fence virtually disappears into the landscape. It can also be adorned with faux foliage strips that give the appearance of a living wall.

3. Security

Home security can be enhanced with a combination of aluminum fencing and a driveway gate. These fences can mimic the look of traditional wrought iron (minus the maintenance) or you could opt for a sleeker, more modern look to complement a contemporary home.

Likewise, you could encircle your entire property with a vinyl privacy fence and a vinyl driveway gate. Or, you could even use a combination of aluminum fencing and an aluminum driveway gate in the front of the home, and a vinyl privacy fence in the backyard.

4. Gardens

Prevent having your prized vegetables chewed up by the local wildlife or trampled by kids and pets with the right fencing. For a quaint cottage garden look, opt for vinyl picket fences—just make sure they’re tall enough to discourage any athletic dogs from jumping over. For a sleeker more modern look, choose aluminum pool safety fencing, which maintains an open view of the garden while restricting access.

5. Play Areas

A backyard sport court/play area is often the ideal solution for keeping active kids busy. Keep them safe with sturdy chain link sport court fencing, which can easily stand up to the roughest play while keeping the ball in play and out of the street.


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