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A Fencing Company Near Me Says Now Is the Right Time for a Fence in Westchester County, NY Area

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

When summer arrives, long-dormant landscaping projects often kick into full gear. One of the projects that can vastly improve a landscape is installing a new fence for privacy and security as well as visual appeal. The question then turns to: When is the best time to install a fence? Here’s why a “fencing company near me” would say now is the right time for a fence in Westchester County, NY.

A Fencing Company Near Me Says Now is The Right Time For A Fence in Westchester County, NY Area

Demand Is High for Fencing Installations

Many people schedule their landscaping work for summer: after they have done their spring cleaning, after they have attended to various important house upgrades, and after planting.

This spring rush means that fence contractors are often booked solid for the summer and early fall, and this could delay your project simply because of scheduling. If you were one of the lucky ones to schedule your work for late spring, you could be enjoying your new fence in time for the summer, but waiting until spring to get on the schedule could mean a wait. While you may have to wait for a few weeks, if you need a fence, you will want to get on the schedule soon.

Spring Is Often Ideal

With that said, spring is still usually the best time to install a fence. Why? Often, projects are delayed due to materials shortages.

If there’s a rush on materials, fence installation projects that are scheduled for summer and fall may have to wait until materials become available again. In spring, many lumber yards are fully stocked and ready for landscaping season; and production has been in full swing during the winter months in building aluminum and vinyl fence panels and posts. But once those materials are gone, demand may exceed supply for some time.

Another reason to install a fence now is to give your landscape a chance to recover. If a new fence is going to disturb already established plantings, the plants will still have time to recover over the summer if they need to be moved. Waiting until the heat of summer to move or rejuvenate plants can be a bit riskier. While the weather is warm, heat does stress plant roots: If damage or forced relocation occurs in summer, you may need to baby the plants to ensure they survive.

The Need for Permits

Another matter to consider is that many fence projects require permits. When county officials have buried neck-deep in paperwork—and trying to get through multiple permit applications—your project could very well be delayed as you wait for the paperwork to go through. The sooner in the year, you can schedule fencing projects, the better. Since many people go on vacation as soon as school is out, you may have a window of time when there’s less demand for permits.

The trick of course is getting on the schedule as early in the year as you can, to avoid the rush. Early spring projects could move along very quickly because a fence contractor can get a larger crew out to your property; once their schedule becomes consumed, these crews may be split up to accommodate more customers.


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