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3 Factors a Fence Company Near Me Uses to Choose the Right Fencing for Ramsey, NJ Homes

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The fencing you choose for your landscape comes at the end of a careful thought process that likely considers two key elements: your needs and your aesthetic preferences. Here are three factors “a fence company near me” uses to choose the right fencing for Ramsey, NJ, homes.

3 Factors a Fence Company Near Me Uses to Choose the Right Fencing for Ramsey, NJ Homes

1. The Right Materials for the Job

All fencing materials have their advantages and disadvantages. Some custom fences may mix materials such as wood and aluminum, although most homeowners prefer to use a single material throughout.

Chain Link: Affordable Security and Pet Containment

Chain link is one of the most cost-effective forms of fencing, though it is not generally considered aesthetically pleasing. It is extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. It tends to be used for security, pool safety, and containing pets.

Aluminum: Security, Pool Safety, and Pet Containment in an Elegant Package

Aluminum is a great choice if you want to contain pets, keep out intruders, and want to add an elegant touch to your landscape. It is lighter in weight than iron fencing, too, which can reduce installation costs.

Vinyl: Privacy, Security, Pet Containment, Curb Appeal, and Low Maintenance

Vinyl is one of the most common types of fencing used for privacy. Because it is virtually zero-maintenance other than occasional cleaning, it’s a favorite among busy homeowners. Vinyl is a popular material around pool areas or even to provide a privacy screen for a small section of the backyard.

Wood: Character-Filled Privacy, Pet Containment, and Visual Appeal

Wood fencing is extremely adaptable to any terrain, including very steep slopes. At Jan Fence we make our wood fences in-house to ensure that each panel perfectly fits your space. It’s a popular material for privacy, pet containment, and visual appeal.

2. Aesthetics

Chain Link: Functional, But Not the Most Appealing

Chain link fencing is generally used in backyards away from the front-facing side of the home. It can be dressed up to some degree with climbing vines or privacy slats (which also add privacy).

Aluminum: Simple and Elegant

Aluminum fencing is a durable fencing material that can mimic the timeless look of wrought iron, but without the maintenance challenges of iron. Because it is open, it provides a light, airy look (it is not used for privacy) while providing security and safety.

Vinyl: Practical and Attractive

Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles—from a solid privacy fence to the classic white picket fence that graces front entryways, or the clean lines of a post-and-rail farm fence. It can come in a wood-grained look to mimic painted wood or a smooth, clean finish ideal for modern designs.

Wood: Filled with Character

No material quite offers the character of natural wood. This, however, comes at the cost of higher maintenance. Wood is vulnerable to weathering and therefore not as long-lived as other materials. If left to nature, wood quickly attains a silvery weathered sheen, which some homeowners love; if you want to preserve the look of the wood, it may require resealing. Wood is a great material for privacy fencing with character.

Which Fencing Is Best for You?

Ideas to consider along with the functions of a fence, are color pairings and textures that will give your outdoor living space the feel you want. Your fencing contractor can show you real-life examples of projects that feature the types of fencing you are interested in based on your needs, budget, and style preferences.


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