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Can a Fence Company Near Me Provide Temporary Fencing in Ramsey and Franklin Lakes, NJ?

Can a “fence company near me” provide temporary fencing in Ramsey and Franklin Lakes, NJ? When it comes to providing long-lasting security for both residential and commercial applications, fence contractors have got you covered. However, you or your organization may be hosting an event or having construction work done that requires some sort of temporary fencing, and you may not know where to begin. For whatever your temporary fencing needs are, your premium local fence company can meet them.

Can a Fence Company Near Me Provide Temporary Fencing in Ramsey and Franklin Lakes, NJ?

Construction Zones

Every construction zone that has any contact with public spaces needs a full perimeter fence. This is to ensure that no member of the public absent-mindedly or intentionally walks into a construction site without personal protective equipment and an authorized escort. Temporary fencing needs to be well-anchored and secure in order to maintain public safety. Gates may need to be installed for both pedestrians and heavy equipment.

Special Events

Many types of events may require fencing. Large parties and festivals may necessitate that a fence keeps young children and animals inside the boundaries. Certain events involving alcohol being sold may require that a fence completely surrounds the event space where alcohol is sold.

Livestock Pasturing

Temporary fencing may be necessary for holding livestock so they don’t wander off or get spooked and run out of the area. Whether it’s setting up a temporary practice arena for show horses, dairy cows grazing on a specific section of pasture, or goats taking care of a big weed problem on a residential or commercial property, temporary livestock fencing is a great way to safeguard large animals.

Parking Control

Going along with many different types of special events, it may be necessary to direct exactly where you want parked cars to go. Temporary fencing will help minimize any potential property damage and keep things organized.


If your property is directly adjacent to the route of a running race, bicycle race, or fun run, or even the starting or finishing line, it’s a great idea to have temporary fencing installed for the safety of both the racers and spectators. This fencing will directly organize people to a place of safety and enjoyment for everyone. In fact, fences are so ubiquitous around starting lines and finishing lines that they’re associated with the greatest amount of excitement around a race.

Protection from Vandalism

It’s unfortunate, but there are some people who want to damage property. A building, artifact, monument, or sentimental object may need to be protected from vandalism and temporary fencing is perfect for sending a message that vandalism will be dealt with strictly.


Some temporary fencing is meant strictly as a barrier to control who goes where; but other types, such as fencing around a construction site, may be designed with privacy in mind. Privacy will help make a construction site less of an eyesore for the neighborhood, and it gives a certain mystique as people don’t have a view into the project.

Installation and Removal

Temporary fences are built using individual panels that can stay upright on their own and connect together for a strong and secure physical barrier. This eliminates the need for post installation, which is by far the most difficult task of installing a fence. Removal is straightforward: simply unlocking the fence panels from each other, and stacking or removing them.


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