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What Does a Fence Company Near Me Recommend for a Front Yard in the Franklin Lakes, NJ Area?

Asking “What would a fence company near me recommend for my front yard?” could be a timely question this time of year in Franklin Lakes, NJ. There are many styles of fence available, and the right choice will depend on each individual’s preferences. Here are some of the most popular options.

What Does a Fence Company Near Me Recommend for a Front Yard in the Franklin Lakes, NJ Area?


For homeowners who want privacy in the front yard but still want to be able to see on the other side of their fence, Aspen from ActiveYards can be a good choice. This vinyl fence provides the best of both worlds—privacy, along with an elegant, slotted section at the top that allows for a clear view.

Silverbell and Silverbell Scalloped Down

Silverbell and Silverbell Scalloped Down from ActiveYards are two popular choices for front yards. Think of a picket fence but with a softer, more modern style and the low maintenance of vinyl. The original Silverbell is designed with straight, more traditional pickets, while the Silverbell Scalloped Down has scalloped pickets for a more unique, modern feel.


Those searching for a classic vinyl fence may find they won’t go wrong with the Barberry vinyl fence from ActiveYards. It has what’s known as a dog-ear picket, which is the traditional picket style many people are familiar with. This allows for the beauty of a fence, semi-privacy, and the ability to see clearly into your front yard.


A common choice for pools, ActiveYards’ Cottonwood fencing could also be a great choice for front yards. The crisp, straight, clean lines create a modern yet sophisticated aesthetic. The spacing of the pickets is perfect for keeping out unwanted visitors but are wide enough apart that you can get total visibility to the other side of your fence.


Buckeye from ActiveYards is another semi-private vinyl fence that’s designed with wide slats. These ones have a smaller amount of space between them compared to some other semi-private fences, but there is still enough room for air flow and a view out the front yard. At the top of the slats, there is a scalloped edge for an added touch of style and interest.

Ranch Rail

Those with larger properties have different needs when selecting their front yard fence. The Ranch Rail style from ActiveYards can be a top choice for those with acreage. It establishes boundary lines, adds visual interest, and brings a ranch-style to a landscape. Choices include three or four rails, with plenty of space between them to allow for perfect sightlines.


Both modern and traditional homes can look lovely with a Chestnut fence from ActiveYards. This picket-style fence is unique in its pyramid-shaped tops. For a touch of visual interest with excellent sightlines throughout, this is a gorgeous twist on the traditional picket style.


Another fence that’s commonly used around pool enclosures, Greenbrier from ActiveYards has clean, simple lines that go with just about any home aesthetic. This choice offers a bit of added privacy, but while still allowing you to see to the other side of it. The top features a decorative panel with slotted slats, and a top and bottom rail that run flush with it.


If you want to embrace the look and feel of a countryside setting, Crossbuck by ActiveYards could be recommended. This class style has x-shaped flats in the middle of each of its panels, which add an air of elegance to the entire endeavor.


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