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10 Vinyl Fence Options for a Front Yard in Mountain Lakes, NJ

When you’re looking for fence options for the front yard of your Mountain Lakes, NJ, home, a vinyl fence could be a great choice. There are numerous styles of vinyl fences available that will meet your personal design and style preferences. Here are some of the vinyl fence options that you may want to consider for your front yard.

10 Vinyl Fence Options for a Front Yard in Mountain Lakes, NJ


If your home is located in an area where you want a lot of privacy around the front of your home but still want to be able to see on the other side of the fence, then the ActiveYards Aspen vinyl fence style is worth considering. This fence offers privacy but also includes an elegant slotted section at the top of the fence that allows the breeze to blow through and for you to see to the other side.


If you’re looking for a classic-style fence, the ActiveYards Barberry vinyl fence may be a great option. It features the traditional dog-ear picket style that allows just enough space for air to pass through while also providing semi-privacy.


Another option for a semi-privacy fence is the ActiveYards Buckeye-style vinyl fence. This style features wide slats with limited space between each of them, allowing for airflow but still providing plenty of privacy. The top section of the slats is scalloped, which adds style to any front yard space.


The ActiveYards Chestnut vinyl fence is a picket-style fence featuring thin pickets with pyramid tops. This classic style can be perfect for homes both old and new.


While this fencing is often used for a pool fence, the ActiveYards Cottonwood vinyl fence is a great option for front yards too. It features a straight and clean line appearance that looks modern. The pickets are spaced far enough to keep unwanted visitors out of your front yard but wide enough so that you have full visibility of the other side of the fence.


The Activeyards Crossbuck-style vinyl fence is perfect for countryside settings. It is a classic fencing style that features slats in an x-format in the middle of each panel. The style gives an air of elegance to any setting.


While the ActiveYards Greenbrier vinyl fence is often used for pool enclosures, its clean lines are perfect for any area of your property. The decorative panel features slotted slats with a flush top and bottom rail. It provides a little bit of privacy while also allowing you to see to the other side.

Ranch Rail

The ActiveYards Ranch Rail vinyl fence option is exactly how it's described—perfect for ranch-style settings. You might see this style of fence covering large properties to establish boundary lines. It features three or four rails with wide, open-air spaces between each one.

Silverbell & Silverbell Scalloped Down

The ActiveYards Silverbell and Silverbell Scalloped Down style vinyl fences are a popular choice for front yards. You might describe their look as a softer take on the traditional picket fence. The difference between the two is that the Silverbell has straight pickets while the Silverbell Scalloped Down features scalloped pickets that have a different design aesthetic.


The ActiveYards Tupelo vinyl may remind you of fences seen in coastal areas. It has a semi-privacy design that allows air to flow between the pickets.


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