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Is an Aluminum Fence the Best Choice to Surround a Pool in the Westchester County, NY, Area?

Are you in the process of deciding the fence type to surround your new or existing Westchester County, NY, pool area? This can be an important choice since you will want the fence to both protect people from wandering into the pool area when you are not home and be an attractive feature of your overall landscape. Attractiveness is often a reason that customers consider an aluminum fence over other material options. If you are considering an aluminum fence, here are some benefits that can affirm your opinion.

Is an Aluminum Fence the Best Choice to Surround a Pool in the Westchester County, NY, Area?

Aluminum Fencing Benefits

Known for requiring no maintenance and being more cost-effective, and still attractive, stand-in for wrought iron, aluminum is a fitting choice for a pool space. Consider some of the compelling benefits.

Maintenance-free: Aluminum fencing is virtually maintenance-free. While wood can decompose over time and need a fresh coat of stain to regain its luster, aluminum fences require no stains or resurfacing. The powder coating is fused to the aluminum during manufacturing for a permanent color that won’t fade or rust.

Versatility: Aluminum fences can adapt to your terrain. If your yard is uneven or has a slope, an aluminum fence company can adjust the fencing to ensure a secure and stable protective enclosure. You won’t have to worry about awkward transitions or unattractive gaps that can detract from the beauty of your pool area.

Aluminum fences can adapt to different heights for more privacy in some areas than you need in others, allowing you to customize any fence to your preferences.

Durability: Something that can be essential to your pool area is a durable fence. The last thing you want to worry about as you enjoy time by the pool with your loved ones is a fence that is falling down or has large rusted areas. Aluminum fences can withstand heavy rains, hail storms, snow, and other weather elements to remain stable and strong. The only cleaning required can be a hosing off at the beginning and end of pool season.

Security: An aluminum fence is for the safety and security of your pool space, protecting your home and pool space from frightening accidents. This is a strong material that won’t bend or break, keeping pets and kids out of a potentially dangerous area.

Aluminum Fencing Selections

While aluminum fences are meant for functional purposes, you might be surprised at how many colors and styles are available to create an enclosure that adds more visual interest and beauty to your landscape design.

Narrowing down your fence choice to the options that fit your budget can still give you the aesthetic you want in a pool fence. There are two color options, rich black and pure white, that can complement any house’s architecture and paint colors. These two classic tones lend an elegant look to a fencing choice.

Think of how much a refined aluminum fence would add to the aesthetics of your pool area. You can select spiked top picket tops, a rounded or flat gate, ball finials on each post, and more details to upgrade the appearance.

Since an aluminum fence lets you see through to other parts of the landscape, you can have complete visibility inside and outside the fence. Your aluminum fence is sure to attract the notice of your guests as they enjoy a pool day with you.


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