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Drawing Inspiration From Fence Installation Near Me in Mountain Lakes and Mendham, NJ, Areas

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Adding a fence to your property is a big decision, and it’s one you want to make with the future in mind to ensure you’re as happy with your fence today as you will be decades from now. With so many choices, where do you even start? Here are our tips for drawing inspiration from “fence installation near me” in the Mountain Lakes and Mendham, NJ, areas.

Looking for Fence Installation Ideas

Getting a good look at a fence is essential for many people who need fence installation ideas. Looking through websites, catalogs, or even a showroom helps with the first impression, but nothing is quite like seeing a fence in a real situation.

One way to narrow your choices and ultimately arrive at the final decision is to take a walk around your neighborhood or drive around the area and get inspiration from other homes.

Start by seeking out homes with a similar architectural style and perhaps a similar landscape to yours, and see which types of fences enhance the overall look and which ones detract from it. As you drive (or walk) by homes in your neighborhood or surrounding areas, notice things like:

  • How does the fence fit into the property?

  • Does it block the view (i.e., is it a privacy fence) and offer a sense of seclusion at that home? If so, does it still maintain an aesthetic appeal?

  • Does it just seem like a wall between you and the property? If you want a privacy fence but don’t want to feel boxed in, imagine what privacy fences look like from inside.

Focusing on the Purpose of Your Fence

Keep in mind your fence needs as you research our options; don’t let the beauty of a fence sway you if that particular fence won’t meet your practical needs.

As you look at real-life fences and pictures, consider how open and airy the fence is, or how substantial it feels. A lot of this has to do with the choice of materials, of course, but also the design of the fence, including the width of the pickets (the vertical parts of a fence), how close together the pickets are placed, the size of individual fence panels, and the color of the fence. Your home may call for a light and airy aluminum or vinyl picket fence, or it may be that you want a heftier fence to visually balance the home, such as a tall latticework fence or a rustic split rail fence.

Loving the Look of a Fence

Does a fence that you like draw your attention to the home, or to itself? Depending on whether you want a fence for privacy or purely for aesthetic reasons, or to keep a pet contained in your backyard, this distinction can matter. You want the fence to harmonize with the home and the landscape—you generally want to trust your instincts on this. You may not be able to pinpoint “why” but you’ll intuitively know whether a fence looks good beside a particular home.

What kinds of decorative elements are on the fences you admire? Are they plain and elegant in their simplicity, or are they adorned with embellishments that complement the style of the home?

The more you do this kind of careful analysis of fences you see, the more you will become attuned to how well some fences work well and how others are awkward in their design.

And if you ever have questions, we’re here to assist you in helping you make the best fencing choice for your property and your needs.


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