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Choosing From Vinyl Fence and Aluminum Fence Options in the Westchester County, NY Area

The right fencing can enhance your Westchester County, NY Area spaces in many ways. As you consider which fence material is right for your needs, you might have questions about whether vinyl or aluminum fencing is the best option. Both are popular and often-used fence types but these tips will help you make the best choice.

Choosing From Vinyl Fence and Aluminum Fence Options in the Westchester County, NY Area

Vinyl Fencing

Among the many advantages of vinyl fencing, durability and attractiveness stand out. The reasons you need or want a fence can play a pivotal role in the right material selection.

Low Maintenance: Vinyl fencing is extremely low-maintenance, requiring an annual cleaning with mild soap and water to return it to its original sparkling beauty and vibrant color. Never needing paint, repairs, or sealants, vinyl fences maintain their color for years without fading.

Durable: You can enjoy a vinyl fence for many years since it withstands the heat of summer, harsh winter conditions, rain, and wind without losing its luster. It won’t rot or succumb to insects or pests that can burrow inside and ruin the integrity.

A Variety of Looks: Vinyl fences mimic natural wood and painted fences, coming in multiple styles to suit any landscape aesthetic. Their appearance is authentic without the work of maintaining them year after year. Charming cottage homes, farms, and large estates can be enhanced with a vinyl fence installation providing security and longevity.

From picket fences to privacy options, you can find a simple style that doesn’t stand out and elaborate trellis accents to add visual interest to the landscape.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences offer many of the same benefits as vinyl fences, including longevity, durability, and low maintenance. The powder coating is applied during manufacturing, ensuring an aluminum fence will retain its original beauty for many years. Choosing aluminum for a fence is a versatile solution for security, decorative enclosures, and other needs where you want an attractive way to delineate boundaries.

Comparing Vinyl and Aluminum Fencing

While these fence materials deliver significant and similar advantages, the difference comes in how you plan to use a fence.

Of the two, vinyl is the more durable and eco-friendly, almost five times stronger than wood. Aluminum fences have the capacity to dent in certain circumstances while vinyl can withstand more weight.

Vinyl fences come in a wider array of styles and are especially well-suited for increased privacy. Their panels allow for partial or complete privacy, making them an excellent choice for backyards where you want less visibility while aluminum fences offer some privacy, they do not completely block the views of the property.

Vinyl fences have more versatile styles and design options while aluminum fences offer an elegant, upscale final project, making them a popular choice for more expensive homes.

Color Options

Color options for each fence material are another factor in the right selection for your landscape aesthetic. Vinyl fences can be white, tan, and wood-look to blend well with natural surroundings. These colors can match almost any home exterior colors to add a complementary visual element.

Aluminum fences can be black or white, embellished with decorative finials, top pickets, and arched and double gates for an upscale appearance. Because of the slight flexibility of aluminum fences, they can accommodate sloped landscapes better and without the gaps of vinyl fencing.


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