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4 Ways a Wood Fence Can Add to the Natural Look of Your Westchester County, NY, Landscape

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Do you need to enclose your property at your home in the Westchester County, NY, area, but don’t want to take away from the natural appearance of your outdoor surroundings? A wood fence can be a perfect choice for such an application. Here are four ways that a wood fence can add to the natural look of your landscape.

4 Ways a Wood Fence Can Add to the Natural Look of Your Westchester County, NY, Landscape

A Rustic Appearance

Wood fences have a beautiful rustic appearance that perfectly complements a natural setting. Since wood is a natural material, it blends in with a natural landscape to create a seamless transition. This type of fence can be stained or painted to whatever color meets your personal preferences. Adding black hardware to a natural wood fence would contribute to the rustic look.

Added Character

Wood tends to look better as it begins to age, as long as it is properly treated to withstand the elements. These fences have a classic look that many people prefer, and it’s a look that never goes out of style.

There are also numerous design styles of wood fences to choose from, making it possible to find one that fits your design aesthetic—whether that’s modern, old-world, or a colonial look. ActiveYards manufactures fences, including dog ear board on board, smooth scalloped board on board, and horizontal spaced board. For a different look, you may want to consider going with the spaced picket, colonial spaced picket, scalloped victorian picket, or victorian picket styles. There are also numerous privacy fence options available.


Wood fences make excellent privacy fences, whether you prefer to have full privacy or semi-privacy. Some of the wood privacy fence style options include dog ear solid board, gothic solid board, smooth scalloped down solid board, stockade, and tongue and groove. If you prefer a semi-privacy fence, a trellis top can be added to the top of the fence so that you can see through to the other side.

Privacy fences are great for covering up areas that don’t look aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you live in an urban setting and have utilities on your property that take away from the natural look, you can have a privacy fence installed surrounding these areas. You can use a privacy fence to hide anything that does not go along with the natural aesthetic that you’re looking for, to create a more serene setting.

Clear Visibility

For a wooden fence option that offers clear visibility, you may want to consider a post and rail fence. ActiveYards offers two and three rail split rail fences. You can also get three rail round-style fences. With these fences, you can see through to the other side while still enjoying the benefits of creating a boundary around your property.

If needed, deer fencing can be installed along with the post and rail fence, which will help keep unwanted animals out of your fenced-in area while also keeping in the animals that you want to be securely confined. Even with the deer fence, there is clear visibility that does not take away from the view. In fact, wood fences often improve the view and provide visual interest.


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